SEMIKRON launches MiniSKiiP Dual Module for industrial motor drives, solar inverters and power supplies up to 90 kW

29 October 2014

  User-friendly spring technology for the power and control terminals as well as the simple, cost-effective and solder-free single-screw assembly of the circuit board, cooling unit and module – these are the key benefits of the MiniSKiiP product family made by power electronics manufacturer SEMIKRON. The MiniSKiiP is primarily used in industrial motor drives, solar [...]

ROHM Semiconductor's General-Purpose Automotive MCU System Power Supplies for Start Stop Systems

28 October 2014

  Advanced design ensures optimum MCU performance even during cranking ROHM Semiconductor has recently announced the development of system power supplies optimized for high-performance microcontrollers in a variety of automotive systems, from electronic power steering to fuel injection, including HEVs and EVs. The newly developed BD39001EKV-C utilizes a proprietary boost-buck switching method that ensures stable [...]

SEMiX – Solder-Free Driver Mounting with Spring or Press-Fit Contacts

27 October 2014

  SEMiX® is a modern module platform offering IGBT and rectifier modules in the same housing design. The flat 17mm package is available in scalable sizes. Coming with Spring® contact technology SEMiX® was one of the first modules introducing easy and low-cost solder-less driver PCB mounting in the medium power range. With the introduction of [...]

Implementing Gate Drivers for 3-Level NPC-2 Power Modules with Reverse Blocking IGBTs

27 October 2014

      Although 3 level converter topologies can lead to reduced total harmonic distortion and hence minimise the size and cost of filtering at the output stage, the best known configuration, NPC1 (Neutral Point Clamped), usually increases the number of switching devices (IGBTs and diodes) required, which adds to the complexity of the system. [...]

LEM new LF xx10 current transducers range pushes Hall effect technology to new limits

24 October 2014

  LEM announces the new range of LF xx10 transducers for non-intrusive and isolated nominal measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 100 A to 2000 A with 4 new series: LF 210-S, LF 310-S, LF 510-S, LF 1010-S.  A fifth, the LF 2010-S will be available in February 2015. LEM has developed a [...]

How Digital Isolation Technology Drives System-Level Efficiency

23 October 2014

      Power supply efficiency continues to be an area of focus in the power electronics industry. Advances in power electronics components and topologies are driving individual power supply efficiencies to higher performance levels. The improvement in the efficiency of each power supply is an important – and essential – element in addressing the [...]

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Power Electronics Manual

Power Electronics & Semiconductor Manuals

Posted on 21 July 2014

    Power electronics engineers should be equipped with up to date power electronics manuals   Below are recommendations for several power electronics manuals including purchasing or download information.     Infineon Reference book IGBT Modules as eBook and printed Book Today, IGBT and power MOSFET modules are instrumental in power electronic systems and are [...]


Post Job Ads in Bodo's Power Systems and on PowerGuru

Posted on 16 June 2014

  With just one purchase, companies can post job ads with the Power Electronics leaders PowerGuru and Bodo’s Power System’s Magazine offer the possibility of purchasing job advertisements that will be delivered via 3 types of media – print, web, and e-mail – in one purchased package, specifically targeting Power Electronics professionals.   With one [...]



Beer Game Auction

Posted on 11 March 2014

  The beer game auction is a role-playing game (simulation), related to the original Beer Game, where the players are parties in different positions in a B2B purchase process by auction. The objective of the players is to keep the sales prices as high as possible although they are acting within an auction environment. Since [...]


PowerGuru Media Guide Now Available

Posted on 04 February 2014

              With the release of a new media guide for 2014, PowerGuru offers companies a variety of opportunities to increase their online presence and brand recognition. From a choice of several promotion options, companies can select a campaign method that best suits their marketing goals. Available options include banner [...]