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Posted on 29 August 2020

A Lean Solution - Hybrid Connectors



Hybrid connectors for the connection between the control device and the motor

Different automation concepts and constant miniaturisation of electrical equipment in conjunction with increasing electrical specifications call for powerful plug-in connectors can solve several tasks in a connection in a safe and reliable manner. The trend is therefore clearly going towards hybrid connectors.


Different automation concepts, central or decentralised concept or hybrid forms thereof are found in machinery and plant manufacture. Modular functional units minimise downtimes and reduce costly final assembly times. The miniaturisation of electrical equipment and drives can be observed, together with increasing electrical specifications. Hybrid cables are used to establish the connection between frequency converters or servo-converters and the motor. In addition, users are increasingly shifting their devices from the control cabinet (IP20) directly to the periphery (IP54 - IP69k). Irrespective of what direction industrial automation technology takes – the three base elements power, signals and data must be transmitted to the various applications.

Weidmüller has a comprehensive portfolio of optimally coordinated components for this purpose.

Connection concepts for drives

The growing performance of drives and the need for high system availability call for new connection concepts. Whereas in the past, each base element - power, signal and data - was each realised with a plug-in connector, today several elements are combined in one plug-in connector. The advantages at first sight are space and material cost savings. Hybrid connectors also offer significant advantages for machine operators with regard to costs over the entire life cycle.

Weidmüller offers a range of different hybrid connector systems in the protection classes IP 20 to IP 68. They include the Omnimate Power Hybrid SV/BVF 7.62 PCB plug-in connector and the RockStar programme with its MixMate series as well as the ConCept modular system. The MixMate range features both signal and power contacts in one plug-in connector. Plug-in connectors from the RockStar ConCept system are multi-talented. The plug-in connector modular system features modules for making electrical energy, signal, data, optical and pneumatic connections - each of which can be combined in one plug-in connector. M23 round plug-in connectors are available in a hybrid version with different number of poles and gold contacts.

The hybrid plug

The Omnimate Power Hybrid SV/BVF 7.62 PCB plug-in connectors connect the energy and signal lines as well as the braided shielding of hybrid cables to a device in only one operation, locking automatically. The hybrid plug connectors combine application-based details to form a holistic solution allowing the simultaneous, safe and “blind” connection of energy, signals and shielding. Examples are the pluggable shielding or single-hand locking with snap-on automatic. The integration of these functions enables intuitive and tool-free operation as well as permanent, secure contact, even under difficult installation conditions. The innovative braided shielding ensures the reliable and long-term protection of electronics and data communication against electro-magnetic interference.

The advantages of these plug-in connectors include short installation and maintenance times, reduction of device dimensions and less space required in the control cabinet. The distance between different lines of devices can be reduced by up to 10 cm, because an inclination of 30° enables an easy and slim arrangement of the wiring and the pluggable shielding contact plate needs considerably less space for mounting than conventional screw flanges. Overall, the plant availability can be sustainably increased due to the innovative shielding contact plate, the single-hand safety lock and the integrated signal contacts.

Source: Published in Der Konstrukteur, Issue 8.


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