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Proton-Electrotex and GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH at EXPO Ferroviaria 2016

Posted on 05 April 2019

  Proton-Electrotex and its German representative GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH are participating in the Italian rail industry exhibition EXPO Ferroviaria 2016. Companies will present their power electronics developments for railway transport. The exhibition will take place April 05-07, 2016 in Lingotto Fiere exhibition centre, Turin, Italy. We look forward to meeting you at booth 1210 in [...]

Proton-Electrotex will participate in the conference of International Association TRAVEK

Posted on 04 November 2019

  Proton-Electrotex is participating in the XXII International scientific and technical conference "Prospects of development of electric power industry and the high-voltage electrotechnical equipment". Organizer of the conference is International Association TRAVEK. There will be discussed the issues of manufacturing high-voltage electrotechnical equipment. Innovation technologies, recent researches and projects will be presented. Participants will have [...]

Proton-Electrotex at Power Electronics 2015

Posted on 06 October 2019

  Proton-Electrotex is participating in the 12th International exhibition of components and systems for power electronics on 27 -29 October, Crocus Expo, Moscow.   At the fair we will present our traditional product range - power diodes, thyristors, and heatsinks.   We, as well, will present the new products: IGBT modules with baseplate width 34 [...]

Proton-Electrotex Starts IGBT Production

Posted on 11 May 2019

  Proton-Electrotex JSC is constantly developing its production in accordance with the growing demand of the electrical products market. High quality IGBT modules is in top demand nowadays. This is the reason why the Proton-Electrotex product line is expanding with the first IGBT modules series this year. This is conceptually a new direction for the [...]

International project results in Pulse magnetic field generator

Posted on 10 October 2019

  Proton-Electrotex Successfully Participated in International Project in Japan The project was made in cooperation with Eich Corporation (official distributer of Proton- Electrotex products in Japan), Mishima Denshi, Nichicon and Osaka University, Japan (Center for Advanced High Magnetic Field Science). As a result of cooperation, the Pulse magnetic field generator with stored energy of 10 [...]

Modular inverter system VARIS™ from GvA in Russia very much in demand

Posted on 22 August 2019

  Proton-Electrotex JSC, well-known manufacturer of semiconductors and stacks, based in Orel, 380km south of Moscow, takes over the distribution of the modular inverter system VARIS™ by GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH on the Russian market. GvA is responding to the increasing interest in its innovative inverter system with a strong local partner in Russia. VARIS™ scores [...]

Freewheeling Diodes for High Performance Inverter Systems

Posted on 25 June 2019

      The engineers at Proton-Electrotex developed freewheeling diodes to operate at the reverse recovery process with high change rate of reverse recovery current (dIrrm/dt), and high power supply reverse voltage (VR) by means of proton irradiation technology, sintering technology and implementation of n’-buffer. The diodes are designed to be used as reverse diodes [...]

New Fast Thyristors for Frequency Converters of Induction Heating and Metal Melting Units

Posted on 20 June 2019

  Proton-Electrotex developed and started mass production of the thyristors TFI393-2500-28 with the 100 mm diameter of semiconductor element. This thyristor will allow to receive new advantages while projecting the invertors in the induction heating and metal melting systems by means of increasing the commutating power on about 50% in comparison with its closest competitor [...]

Methods of Current Measurement in Mid-Frequency Power Circuits

Posted on 14 March 2019

      Fast-changing power current precise measurements are very important in modern measuring equipment for power semiconductor devices. It is quite important for converter equipment as well, since improved control algorithms are used there, which require knowledge of instantaneous current value in a certain period of time. By Alexey Poleshchuk, R&D Center, Proton-Electrotex JSC [...]

Graphs of temperature-dependence of back saturation current for a thyristor Т243-500 (continuous curves) which conforms to 2 reverse voltage values V. The point graph corresponds to dependence Is(T), calculated by the formula (20).

Modeling of Temperature Dependence of Power Semiconductor I-V Curves

Posted on 10 April 2019

              The I-V curve is the most important parameter of power semiconductors (PSD), since power semiconductor output capacity and efficiency depends upon it to a great extent. Many publications are devoted to the analysis of the physical phenomena determining I-V curves of power semiconductor devices (e.g. the monographies [1, [...]