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Efficient Power Solutions for LED Lighting Installations

Posted on 29 June 2019

      A review of best practice in developing efficient power supply solutions for solid state lighting The LED lighting market looks set to explode, with some sources predicting that in five years time 50% of the global lighting market will be fulfilled by solid state solutions. Whether street or office illumination, refrigeration or [...]

Triac Dimmers for LED Lamps

Posted on 29 June 2019

      The basic triac dimmer circuit is so simple that no DC supply is needed Dimming LED lamps with triac based dimmers has been widely discussed and various techniques have been proposed to enable smooth and flicker free dimming. Unfortunately these all add complexity and cost to the LED driver and at the [...]

Spectral Tuning for White LED based Luminaries

Posted on 29 June 2019

      A smart LED driver can be adjusted for brightness degradation over lifetime If you ask a consumer to characterize the perfect light, you might hear in their description a light requiring the lowest amount of energy, the light output and color is adjustable, it will last a very long time, etc. to [...]

Want To Dim Your LEDs with a TRIAC Dimmer?

Posted on 01 March 2019

      LEDs simply react a lot faster than conventional bulbs Light dimmers for common bulb based lighting have been around for ages. The most common implementation of such a dimming circuit is based around a TRIAC (TRIode for Alternating Current). By Ernest Bron, Field Applications Engineer, National Semiconductor Europe   Most TRIAC based [...]

Higher Efficiency in Lighting through Primary Side Regulation

Posted on 01 March 2019

      Advantages of High-Brightness Light Emitting Diodes are smaller size, high illumination, longer lifetime and environmental protection Global attention continues to focus on the methods for achieving low power consumption and high efficiency. Lighting represents nearly 20% of the worldwide consumption of electrical resources and advancements in lighting can have a tremendous impact. [...]

Backlighting High Definition Television Sets

Posted on 01 September 2019

      What Type of LED Should Be Used As consumers demand larger panel HDTVs and higher resolution, the demand has rapidly shifted from plasma HDTVs to LED HDTVs. According to DisplaySearch, sales of plasma HDTVs will peak in 2008 at $24 billion whereas LCD HDTVs will enjoy a $75 billion market in 2008 [...]

Simple, Efficient, High-Brightness-LED Control

Posted on 01 May 2019

       LEDs are also less vulnerable to moisture ingression A variety of lighting applications are adopting HBLEDs (high-brightness light-emitting diodes), making them the fastest growing light source worldwide. Today’s advanced devices boast luminous efficacies in the 35-to-50-lm/W (lumens-per-Watt) range. Prototype devices emit more than 100 lm/W. By Peter Green, International Rectifier   Current [...]

From the LAMP to LEDs

Posted on 01 May 2019

       So power supply changes ROAL Electronics is focusing also on the wide Solid State Lighting (SSL) Technology applications using High Brightness LEDs By Giorgio Fusari, Freelance Editor and Fabio Luconi Eu, Field Application Engineer, Roal   In its various forms, the economic and energetic subject is nowadays extremely important for the future [...]