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Measuring the Dynamic Conduction of Switching Devices

Posted on 04 April 2019

      This helps understanding where losses in power devices occur The real conduction voltage can also be used to determine the junction temperature of transistors and SiC diodes. Modern switching devices as diodes, MOSFETS, IGBTs and GaN transistors have gener-ally a small conduction voltage compared to the blocking voltage. For example, a 400 [...]

Compact High-Performance Current Transducers

Posted on 23 July 2019

      Insulated Highly Accurate Measurements from 1.5 to 50 ARMS The Power Electronics market is in constant change and always on the lookout for new technologies to achieve better cost and performance. To enable applications with enhanced performance, current measurement is one of the key functions for global improvement in precision and efficiency [...]

A Modular Approach for Production

Posted on 17 July 2019

      High speed testing of power semiconductors With an experience that started in the early 1960's, LEMSYS developed in the beginning of the 1990's a modular approach of power semiconductors commencing with the test of dynamic parameters. The main concern of this development was the possibility to build in a relatively short time [...]

Improved Measurement and Analysis Yields Cost-Effective Standby Battery Monitoring

Posted on 17 July 2019

      Monitoring of standby battery parameters must be comprehensive The infrastructure that underpins contemporary society must operate with very high reliability. In contrast to the advanced technology deployed in data storage centres, internet server farms and communications central offices, most of them rely for near-100% “uptime”, or system-availability, on a very mature technology; [...]

Acoustic Flatness Measurement Enhances Die Attach Analysis of Power Device

Posted on 17 July 2019

      An ultrasonic transducer raster-scans the flat surface Thermal management is always a concern when using power devices. Acoustic micro imaging looks nondestructively at the internal features of power devices; specifically, this method images the interfaces between materials. The quality of the bond at an interface, and the presence or absence of delaminations [...]

Precision Current Sensor with Exceptional Large Bandwidth

Posted on 05 July 2019

      With the information about the temperature, digital signal correction is improved remarkably In the field of power efficient solutions, the precise knowledge about the flow of electrical power over a broad spectrum is indispensable. Without this knowledge, no decision could be taken about how to save electrical power without loss of functionality [...]

ScopeCorder Measurements Aid High-Speed Inverter Testing

Posted on 05 July 2019

      It is important to have more than four measurement channels High-speed inverters incorporating faster, higher-voltage devices are increasingly being used in areas such as transport – both automotive and rail – and renewable energy including solar and wind power. R&D laboratories devoted to such products are seeking higher performance while reducing development [...]

ITxx Current Transducers, setting the benchmark for accuracy!

Posted on 05 July 2019

      Certain Power Electronics applications require such extraordinary performance in accuracy, drift or response time that it is necessary to switch to advanced technologies to achieve them. The validation of equipment is often made through recognized laboratories using highly accurate performance test benches supported by high-tech subassemblies, including extremely accurate current transducers. These [...]

Acoustic Imaging for IGBT Reliability

Posted on 03 July 2019

      Uneven solder thickness can allow localized overheating Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, or IGBTs, are widely used in, trains, elevators, windmills and many other applications where robust high-power switching is required. Not surprisingly, IGBTs generate considerable heat in operation, and the heat must be efficiently dissipated to prevent the IGBT from overheating and [...]

A Practical Method to Extract and Visualize Real Time Frequency of a Switching Signal on an Oscilloscope

Posted on 02 July 2019

      Application to the observation of the clock dithering feature of TPS62674 In the domain of switching converters, frequency is often of a concern in terms of, for example, efficiency, stability or induced noise in the application. Being able to know the frequency characteristic of a given output signal gives often a lot [...]