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Heavy Wire Bonder Set a New Standard

Posted on 01 May 2019

       Quality and machine integrated tests The designers have implemented an abundance of measures to reach a significant improvement in bond quality for fully automatic heavy wire bonders. By Herbert Stürmann, Hesse & Knipps   Quality assurance Industry’s target is the reduction of the failure rate to “0 ppm”. Innovations are demanded to [...]

The Challenge of Packaging Small Power Devices

Posted on 01 March 2019

      Better Electrical Performance, Lower Cost, High Reliability The demand for smaller and thinner devices is dictating the development of packaging and interconnecting techniques for discrete power semiconductors. This trend is driven by requirements of space-critical end applications, and enabled by ongoing substantial improvements in silicon efficiency. By Siegbert Haumann, Christoph Luechinger, Orthodyne [...]

Heel Crack and Lead-Free Soldering

Posted on 01 June 2019

       Affecting Power Electronics Packages Experimental and FEA study for the reliability of Al wire during IR reflow. By Lunwen He, Shaohui Pan, LK.Wang and David Wei.Zhang Microelectronic Institute of Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai, China and by S.S. Tey and Tiger Wu, Fairchild Semiconductor, Suzhou Corp, 1 Sutong Road, Suzhou, China [...]