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Using Microprocessor Supervisory Devices

Posted on 03 July 2019

      Several important parameters need to be considered When microprocessor systems have to restart, a dedicated reset IC can improve system reliability by ensuring proper initialization of the processor regardless of the input voltage conditions. By Eric Schlaepfer, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Applications Maxim Integrated Products Inc., Sunnyvale, CA   A [...]

Feedback Loop Op Amp Limitation Considerations

Posted on 03 July 2019

      Limit wherever possible the level of noise coming into the signal chain Pulse-width-modulated (PWM) converters have many gain elements in the feedback loop. These elements provide the means to regulate the converters output. Examples will be examined and discussed in terms of their impact on the control loop. By John Bottrill, Senior [...]

Integrated All-in-One Buck Converters Make for Great Macros

Posted on 02 July 2019

      High current gate drives, coupled with optimum dead times yield higher efficiency Low power Point of Load (POL) Buck Regulators have evolved dramatically, particularly in netcom and storage markets. While consuming less power than CPU’s, function specific ASICs, impose ever tighter accuracy and space constraints as well as mandating special features. By [...]

How to Boost Efficiency at Low Loads

Posted on 29 June 2019

      Small additional circuitry during standby can boost efficiency tremendously In a modern car several microcontrollers for safety, navigation, entertainment and comfort electronics have to be supplied. Most of them are switched off when the engine is not running but some need to be powered all time. For example, part of the navigation [...]

Reducing the Cost of Using Off-The-Shelf Power Management ICs

Posted on 29 June 2019

      With the demise of industry wide second sourcing and the move to developing purely proprietary designs, Power Management IC companies have raised the profit bar to new heights. Good for them and bad for you. Bob Frostholm, JVD Inc.   With the notable exceptions of cellular phones, notebooks, and other highly competitive [...]

Powering Smartphone and Tablet PC Application Processors

Posted on 29 June 2019

      Step-down converters powering the application processor resulting in a highly efficient system The Smartphone and tablet segments experience amazing growth. Being a platform for software applications the need for a reasonable battery-on time paired with the required computing power have become dominant differentiators in the market. Both contradictory requirements can be addressed [...]

Sub-Harmonic Oscillations on Output Voltage Caused by Multiple POL Rails

Posted on 29 June 2019

      It is very common to find server and netcom systems using multiple POL rails. Often, because of the inherent characteristics of the POL control IC and power converter FETs, the system is optimized by operating all the POL rails at a specific switching frequency that represents the optimal trade-off between efficiency and [...]

Total Energy Management

Posted on 18 June 2019

      A New Approach to System Design The insatiable appetite for power in modern electronics has led to the corresponding need for integrated circuits (ICs) that deliver high performance and advanced operational and control features. The system designers’ challenge is to achieve all necessary design requirements by providing an implementation that has the [...]

Developments in Point of Load Regulation

Posted on 01 February 2019

      Supply rail count increased together with complex integrated circuits forming the load Point of load regulation has been used in electronic systems for many years especially where the load circuit is sensitive to noise. For example, in radio receivers it has long been a common practice to isolate sensitive loads from power [...]

Aero Trends

Posted on 01 January 2019

      Future electrical power challenges and solutions within the aerospace industry The aerospace industry always plans several years ahead. It has to. For example, now that Airbus’ and Boeing’s most recent strategies for multi-aisle long-haul aircraft have all but played out, thoughts are now turning to next generation short-haul, single-aisle aircraft – aircraft [...]