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Bringing Value Back to the Power Equation

Posted on 05 February 2019

      Over the past decade, the power industry has continually been driven by demands for cheaper power supplies. The notion that “power is a necessary evil” is still the underlying sentiment, even in a world that demands greater performance and efficiency from its devices. By Mark Adams, CUI And, while it’s true that [...]

Pin-Compatible Switcher Replacement for TO220-Style Linear Regulators

Posted on 02 January 2019

      Linear regulators are still widely used in all kind of applications. If the current needs are in the lower range and efficiency is not important, they are still first choice. Also from a cost perspective, linear regulators can be a good choice, if the total solution cost including a heat sink can [...]

Control Loop Modulation Applied to Programmable DC Power Supplies

Posted on 07 August 2019

      Characteristics of laboratory quality, dc power supplies have changed greatly over the past two decades. Application demands have moved from the ideal voltage source with no series impedance or the ideal current source with infinite parallel impedance to user programmable output characteristics; these new applications allow for power source emulation with higher [...]

Optimizing of Power Sources for Use with Fuel Cell Technology

Posted on 07 August 2019

      With energy demands ever increasing, fossil fuels being depleted and concerns about climate change continuing to rise, the ways in which modern society is being powered are now under close scrutiny. International legislation is being passed to curb carbon emissions and greater emphasis is being put on the utilisation of renewable energy [...]

Advanced Regulator Modules Bring Flexibility to High-Density Power Subsystems

Posted on 27 May 2019

      The long-standing trend of increasing efficiency in power-conversion, from the upper 80s of percent to the mid and upper 90s, has come thanks to innovations spanning power-switching device designs, converter-control techniques, and component-packaging technologies. Beyond the obvious operational cost benefits that high-efficiency power subsystems bring to the products they inhabit, one consequence [...]

Improving Efficiency on AC-DC Supply Efficiency

Posted on 27 May 2019

      Can further gains continue to be made? It's tough to get improve efficiency when supplies are already at 90%, but it can be done by focusing on passive and active components, digital control, supply topologies and packaging By Don Knowles, VP Engineering, N2Power For AC-DC power supply users, the good news is [...]

Improving the Regulation of Multiple Output Flyback Converters

Posted on 04 April 2019

      The flyback topology is a good choice for multiple output applications, where several semi-stabilized outputs are required from a single supply. At low power levels the flyback is very attractive in that it is typically the least expensive isolated topology because it uses the fewest number of components. By Florian Mueller, Texas [...]

EN50155 Compliance to Railway Standards

Posted on 04 December 2019

      The whole process requires dedication and commitment “Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof” is a common German phase which translates literally into “I understand only train station”, but has the same meaning as “it’s all Greek to me!” I must admit, it was the first thought that popped into my head when I started [...]

Innovative Development of Modular Switch Mode Power Supplies

Posted on 02 November 2019

      From the simple to the best Power supply modules have been well-known from the mid–‘80s, when the technical concept and design of modular converters was first developed, and modular SMPS became basic elements in the design of devices and the electronic power systems (EPS) used in many applications – from commercial to [...]

Total Solution for Energy Efficient Home Appliance Power Supply

Posted on 30 August 2019

       Energy efficiency is crucial to both consumers and the environment. As much as half of the energy used in homes goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems can have a big effect on utility bills. Saving energy at home also can help to [...]