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Advantages of Double-Sided Cooling Concepts for Power Semiconductors

Posted on 14 June 2019

      A parametric study of the influence of chip mounting details on the junction temperature Enhanced cooling concepts allow higher output power. New joining technologies (e.g. Ag sintering) allow higher operating temperatures without strong restrictions in reliability. Coming closer to the edge of silicon device operating temperatures, the on-chip temperature distribution might affect [...]

Withstanding the Pressure

Posted on 01 April 2019

      How to pre-stress your press-pack power semiconductors To achieve optimum performance of press-pack power semiconductors, they must be mechanically clamped in a precise manner. This article explains a technique to verify that the pressure distribution is homogenous and the magnitude is appropriate during the design of the assembly. By Björn Backlund, ABB [...]

Water Coolers for New Converter Systems

Posted on 01 August 2019

      These converter systems require new customized cooling solutions Increasing power density is one of the main tasks developers of new power converter systems face. When modern more powerful IGBT modules are used in wind, large industrial drive, hybrid vehicle and other applications, engineers also need to adjust the water cooling system. Type [...]

Optimizing Thermal Solutions

Posted on 01 May 2019

      Software cuts design costs CFD (computational fluid dynamics) thermal analysis software is freeing engineers to create smaller, more reliable boards and systems, while simultaneously reducing development time and costs. The software solves the differential equations that model airflow and heat transfer and presents the results as 3-D color-coded simulations that accurately show [...]

The Tailor Made Thermal Solution Kit

Posted on 01 May 2019

      GraviTherm is a kit designed to transport heat away Electronic controls and computers become more and more important to all sectors of our life. Today there are almost no industrial applications which work without electronic components to control and to monitor the processes. The use of these components makes production processes, administration [...]

Passive Heatsinks Designed to Out-Perform Active Solutions

Posted on 01 April 2019

      The solution is robust and maintenance free Recent developments in downsizing of equipment enclosures have guided to new challenges for designers of thermal solutions and in particular natural convection heatsinks By Andreas Engelhardt, Research Engineer, Thermacore Europe Ltd., Ashington, UK   Natural Convection heat sinks are still the preferred solution in many [...]

IGBTs Operating at Higher Temperatures

Posted on 01 March 2019

      The potentials and the design constraints The targeted 175°C junction temperature limit for the next generation of 1200V IGBT requires safe and reliable operation of the devices at a temperature of 200°C. In this article, we carry out an investigation into the operation of 1200V SPT-IGBTs at temperatures up to 200°C, in [...]

Transient Thermal Impedance

Posted on 01 February 2019

      Characterization for Chip-Scale Packaging The quality of camera phones is continually improving – better resolution, better lenses, improved image-processing software, anti hand-shake feature, etc.The one area that has been lagging behind is the power and energy of the flash for taking pictures in low light environments. By Christophe Vaucourt, Portable Power Systems [...]

Thermal Management Takes Another Look at Liquid Cooling

Posted on 01 February 2019

      Micro-structure heat exchanger should be optimally designed Recent technical advances are driving the commercial acceptance and use of liquid cooling systems for high heat flux processors in computers and workstations By Girish Upadhya, Ph.D., Director, Thermal Design & Applications Development Cooligy, Inc., Mountain View, CA   The thermal characteristics of high-powerdensity CPUs [...]

Cooling Power Conversion Designs

Posted on 01 June 2019

       The PCB has become a significant thermal path. Power density is increasing rapidly, but assiduous thermal management can help designers meet the many system-level demands at the best possible price. By Nico Bruijnis, European Marketing Manager, The Bergquist Company   With more silicon and more physical channels squeezing onto each circuit board, [...]