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Smart Battery Charging Systems Autonomous Power Manager ICs Simplify Li-Ion Battery Charging

Posted on 01 October 2019

      Battery managers incorporates an unsurpassed level of integration Today’s high performance, portable handheld Li-Ion/Polymer battery powered products have integrated more features, enabling them to inch closer to being “all-in-one” devices for the tech-hungry consumer. By Steve Knoth, Product Marketing Engineer and Mark Gurries, Linear Technology Corporation   The high level of integration, [...]

IC Tailored for Battery Charging

Posted on 01 August 2019

       Single Li-Ion/Polymer cells are in focus Single cell Li-Ion/Polymer batteries are the preferred voltage source for various portable equipments such as PDAs, cellular phones and digital still cameras (DSCs) because they offer the highest energy density, the lowest self discharge rate and the thinnest profile. By Merisio Massiniliano, STMicroelectronics   The biggest [...]