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A Different Method to Measure Output Current

Posted on 01 January 2019

      Through the use of digital control, the light load behaviour of a converter can be significantly improved, and once the target has been achieved, additional functionality can be implemented. By Roberto Cappelloni, EU Field Application Engineer, Roal   Let’s consider for a moment the output current measurement, a very important and crucial [...]

Architecting Digital Power ICs to Speed the Adoption of Digital Power

Posted on 01 October 2019

       Analog Power with Digital Communication and Control The adoption of digital power solutions has been slower than expected in spite of the now large number of digital power ICs on the market. The adoption of digital power solutions can be accelerated by architecting digital power conversion chips which can be readily integrated [...]

Digital Power-Conversion for the Analogue Engineer

Posted on 01 July 2019

       MOSFET replaces the rectifier in the circuit It is no secret that, in the past, analogue engineers have struggled with the complexity of designing power supplies that require multiple outputs, coordinated load sharing, hot-swap capability, or extensive fault handling. By Bryan Kris, Staff Architect, Architecture & Applications, Digital Signal Controller Division, Microchip [...]

Take the Easy Road to Simplified Techniques for Digitally Managed Power

Posted on 01 July 2019

      Built-in servo algorithm reduce the burden on system computing resources Ensuring high reliability in servers, telecom and network switching equipment or other high availability systems can involve centralized monitoring and control of power supplies. It becomes incumbent upon the power supply designer to learn the techniques of digital power management. By Todd [...]