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Robust AC capacitors

Posted on 06 September 2016

  Robust design thanks to complete aluminum housing Long life expectancy of 30,000 hours Compliance with safety class S2 TDK Corporation presents two new series of robust EPCOS alternating current (AC) capacitors. Both the cans and the tops of the components are constructed of aluminum, making them particularly robust. All capacitors in the B33331* and [...]

Film capacitors: DC link capacitor for new IGBT modules

Posted on 23 August 2016

  ESL of just 25 nH Minimum ESR of just 0.6 mΩ TDK Corporation presents a new EPCOS DC link capacitor that has been specifically designed for the HybridPACK™ 1-DC6 IGBT module from Infineon Technologies. The outstanding features of this component are the six busbar terminals with dimensions that are matched precisely to fit the [...]

Power factor correction: Control unit for parallel operation

Posted on 21 June 2016

  TDK Corporation presents the new EPCOS VIP-3-TP control unit, which facilitates the intelligent coupling of three reactive power compensation systems. The parallel operation of multiple systems on different feed-in transformers necessitates this coupling, as the corresponding sections of the grid may also be coupled temporarily. The reciprocal influence of the power factor correction systems [...]

Ceramic components: New data book for EPCOS PTC thermistors

Posted on 21 April 2016

  TDK Corporation presents the fully revised data book for EPCOS PTC thermistors, which introduces the extended product range. The 2016 edition now also includes several new series of inrush current limiters, most of which are qualified to AEC-Q200, as well as special high-voltage heating elements for heating the interiors of electric vehicles. PTC thermistors [...]

PFC capacitors: Much longer life and higher energy density

Posted on 19 April 2016

  Extended service life of up to 200,000 hours 20 percent higher energy density of up to 11.8 kvar/l High maximum permissible inrush current of 500 times the rated current (plus 25 percent) Overpressure disconnector for all three phases TDK Corporation presents EPCOS PhaseCap® Energy – two new series of high power capacitors for power [...]

Thin-film metal power inductors for automotive power supplies

Posted on 12 April 2016

  TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of compact thin-film metal power inductors with a new type designed for demanding automotive applications. Measuring in at a mere 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm x 1.0 mm, the new TDK TFM201610ALMA thin-film metal power inductor features the world's highest rated current of 1.9 A for a power [...]

ThermoFuse varistors: Intrinsically safe overvoltage protection with high surge current capability

Posted on 19 February 2016

  TDK Corporation presents the new T series of EPCOS ThermoFuse™ varistors for intrinsically safe overvoltage protection. These components are based on disk varistors with diameters of 14 mm (T14 series) and 20 mm (T20 series) that are connected in series with a thermally coupled fuse. The T14 series (B72214T*) covers the voltage range from 130 [...]

CeraLink enables compact and flexible high-performance inverters

Posted on 11 November 2015

  A new traction inverter developed by Scienlab electronic systems features a compact and lightweight design with a high power density. It can be adapted flexibly to a wide spectrum of needs and is well-suited for use in a growing range of electric vehicles. The new inverter was made possible by the use of CeraLink™ [...]

Frame core power line chokes with vertical design

Posted on 18 August 2015

  Footprint reduced by more than 30 percent Good suppression of both common-mode and differential-mode interference Approved according to ENEC (VDE) and UL TDK Corporation has extended its range of EPCOS frame core power line chokes with the B82733V* series in a vertical design. The new series complements the existing horizontally designed B82733F* series. The [...]

Multilayer varistors: High surge current capability in a very compact design

Posted on 01 July 2015

  High surge current capability of up to 5000 A Compact designs from case size EIA1210 to EIA2220 Operating temperature up to +125 °C without derating TDK Corporation presents the new high-surge series of EPCOS multilayer varistors. These are characterized by their high surge current capability, ranging from one surge of up to 5000 A [...]