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LEM expands European manufacturing with new facility in Bulgaria

Posted on 06 March 2019

                    New plant in Sofia will locate production close to key European markets LEM, the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measurement of electrical parameters, has announced its intention to open a new cost effective production plant in Sofia, Bulgaria. 50 new [...]

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LEM adds high-accuracy 130A and 150A current transducers to PCB-mount range

Posted on 23 January 2019

              LEM has introduced the LA 130-150 series of current transducers for use in motor drives, inverters, power supplies and general industrial applications. These printed-circuit board (PCB) mounted devices share a common, compact case outline, and are available to measure nominal full-scale currents of 130 and 150 ARMS. Thanks [...]

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LEM extends its LTS range of +5V current transducers with unit offering current output

Posted on 23 January 2019

              LEM has added to its LTS range of current transducers designed to operate from a single +5V power supply. The LTSP model measures positive and negative AC, DC and pulse currents on printed circuit boards and provides a current output instead of the voltage output provided by the [...]

Low-cost 50 A current transducers improve on shunt measurement techniques

Posted on 27 November 2019

    PRESS INFORMATION SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 HALL 4 Stand 330 November 2019     Key points: •    Open Loop Hall-effect devices measure up to 50ARMS AC, DC or pulsed current •    Fast response time and high accuracy, with low offset and gain drifts •    Wide temperature range of -40 to +105 °C •    Surface-mount or [...]

LEM introduces the DVL series of compact, power saving voltage transducers for the traction market

Posted on 19 September 2019

    PRESS INFORMATION INNOTRANS 2012 HALL 11.1 Stand 310 September 2019     Key points: •    30% reduced power consumption, improved accuracy and temperature stability •    Fully-isolated nominal measurement of 50-2000V DC, AC or pulsed •    Compact, light and robust package •    Combines 8.5 kV insulation with unmatched immunity against electromagnetic disturbances •    Meets [...]

Compact High-Performance Current Transducers

Posted on 23 July 2019

      Insulated Highly Accurate Measurements from 1.5 to 50 ARMS The Power Electronics market is in constant change and always on the lookout for new technologies to achieve better cost and performance. To enable applications with enhanced performance, current measurement is one of the key functions for global improvement in precision and efficiency [...]

Improved Measurement and Analysis Yields Cost-Effective Standby Battery Monitoring

Posted on 17 July 2019

      Monitoring of standby battery parameters must be comprehensive The infrastructure that underpins contemporary society must operate with very high reliability. In contrast to the advanced technology deployed in data storage centres, internet server farms and communications central offices, most of them rely for near-100% “uptime”, or system-availability, on a very mature technology; [...]

Electronic Power Control - Power Electronics Manual

Electronic Power Control

Posted on 15 July 2019

  Power electronics plays an important role in daily life. The wide variety of electrical devices that we now take for granted – computers, mobile phones and portable multimedia – use power electronics, but its influence is hardly noticed. The textbook Electronic Power Control enables both students and professionals to study power electronics in depth. [...]

A New Class of Rogowski Coil Split-Core Current Transducers

Posted on 10 July 2019

      To guarantee stability in time and temperature, the RT series coil is moulded integrally into a PU resin The monitoring of electric power consumption has become a key element for managing electrical installations in industrial and commercial sectors, such as manufacturing facilities, data centres, food processing industries, retail outlets, hospitals or educational [...]

LEM high accuracy current measurements

LEM brings high-accuracy current measurement to electric vehicle battery packs

Posted on 05 July 2019

      PRESS INFORMATION       Key points: Fluxgate sensor measures EV battery currents with <0.1% error Isolated measurement technology ensures safety, cuts energy losses Electric car makers maximise operating range, reduce battery over-provision Sensor delivers CAN digital data stream to vehicle electronics   Transducer specialist LEM announces the CAB high-accuracy current transducer [...]