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Introduction to Closed Loop Hall Effect Current Transducers

Posted on 14 May 2020

              Construction and Principle of Operation of Closed Loop Hall Effect Current Transducers While open loop current transducers amplify the Hall generator voltage to provide an output voltage, closed loop transducers use the Hall generator voltage to create a compensation current in a secondary coil to create a total [...]

Selecting Current Transducers

Posted on 08 May 2020

              The article "Transducers - Basic Principles of Selection" outines general criteria for selection of tranducers. Below is a more detailed listing of important criteria to be considered when choosing a suitable current transducer for a given application. Some applications of current transducers have a high level of complexity [...]

Transducers - Basic Principles of Selection

Posted on 07 May 2020

              Use of current and voltage transducers in power electronics applications covers a broad range. Transducers are widely used in industrial applications, electric traction, energy distribution, automation markets, the automotive sector, and in battery monitoring. The selection of a transducer is the result of a technical and economic trade-off, [...]

Temperature Measurement without Additional Sensors

Posted on 11 October 2020

  Stress induced by thermal cycles causes power electronic systems to have a finite service life. To estimate this service lifetime, accurate information on the thermal profile in the chips under the given operating conditions is required. This paper discusses how the temperature profile can be determined without the need for specially modified modules. Dr. [...]

Sensor Applications in Power Modules

Posted on 13 June 2020

  Today, operation parameter monitoring is an integral part of power modules. Temperature sensors are more or less standard in power modules, and even current sensors are becoming an increasingly popular feature. In fact, unlike external solutions, integrated sensors are cost-effective solutions that offer users added protective functions plus volume reduction. Arendt Wintrich, Application Manager, [...]