Posted on 09 October 2020

E-RA improves lap time with VISEDO power








The electric supercar E-RA (Electric RaceAbout) was able to improve the lap time on the Nordschleife track by an impressive 20 seconds to 8:23.56. The electric vehicle is powered by VISEDO PowerMASTER™ inverters and motors based on VISEDO PowerDRUM™ technology. One of the key improvements from the last time drive on this demanding track is the improved control with torque vectoring implemented by the CODESYS programming interface inside VISEDO inverters.

Electric vehicles on the most demanding track

The Nordschleife also referred to as 'The Green Hell' at Nürburgring in Germany (20600 m) is arguably the most popular, most demanding and also longest track for road-car track-days, magazine tests, prototype testing and race events. It is widely considered the toughest and most demanding purpose-built race track in the world. The record for electric vehicles in this track is currently held by 'Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive' with lap time of 7:56.234.

Compared to Electric RaceAbout, commonly known as E-RA, the AMG shares similarieties in drive train design. Both cars are equipped with 4 electric motors driving each wheel of the vehicle. One of the keys to Mercedes success is based on very high level control called 'AMG Torque vectoring' on all four wheels, which can use 'negative torque' to slow inside wheels when cornering to tighten the car's line, and meter out extra torque left-to-right or front-to-rear to improve the car's balance. The fact that the AMG Electric drive has 751 HP of power whereas the Finnish E-RA only 530 HP makes the result very impressive.

High level features with VISEDO PowerMASTER and application programming

One of the key improvements in the E-RA lately has been similar torque vectoring control. The high performance control could be done for E-RA just by using the software application layer CODESYS offered inside VISEDO PowerMASTER™ inverters. The high performance motor control inside VISEDO inverters allows the level of control needed for this kind of dynamic functionality cretead in just basic IEC 61131-3 application programmin tool. This allowed the E-RA team to develop this feature into the car in minimal time and minimal resources needed.

"The purpose of offering CODESYS inside VISEDO PowerSERIES products is exactly this: To allow our customers to develop their own features on top of our high level inverter software. VISEDO can provide the expertise in the electric drive control and the customer can combine this with their know-how from the vehicle application itself. This also allows the customers to keep their core knowledge on their special control feature as their own, while VISEDO supports this with the latest know-how on the electric drive line side", says Tomi Ristimäki, Manager, Sales and Marketing, Visedo Oy.

How do you recognize a good electric drive?

"The good electric drive can be really recognized when you can just rely on the functionality and really forget the whole thing. This truly has happened with Visedo solution - we have been able concentrate on the design of the vehicle and on competing without needing to worry anything on the electric drive. VISEDO PowerMASTER is superior to any drive we have used in our projects on the user friendliness and reliability.", says Sami Ruotsalainen, Chief Engineer, Electric RaceAbout.

More information from:

  • Finnish language article on the event in 'Helsingin Sanomat'
  • E-RA breaking the speed record of Electrical Vehicles on ice - Powered by VISEDO!

Key Components:

  • VISEDO PowerDRUM™ permanent magnet motors
  • VISEDO PowerMASTER™ heavy duty inverters with CODESYS  IEC 61131-3 application programming interface


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