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IGBT Crossword Puzzle

Posted on 19 March 2019


Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are extremely important electronic devices. Primarily used as switches, IGBTs are characterized by their high efficiency and fast switching ability. The crossword puzzle below provides a test on some of the basic properties of IGBTs. The puzzle should not be too difficult for those familiar with IGBTs, but the answers can also be found by following the links below each question.

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1. Increase of an IGBTs maximum operating leads to higher current capability per chip area.
"Increasing IGBT Inverter Power Density"

3. Dangerous overvoltages can occur if the voltage of an IGBT is exceeded.
"Types of Faults for IGBT and MOSFET Modules"

4. If the peak gate current of an IGBT is increased, switching losses.
"IGBT Driver Calculation"

7. Similar to MOSFETS, IGBTs are controlled by charging the gate.
"Driver Circuits"

8. One method of preventing overvoltages in IGBTs and other power transistors is use of networks.
"Overvoltage Limitation for Power Transistors"

9. By dividing a switch into many identical switch stages, it is possible to adjust the capacity of the entire switch.
"Medium-Voltage High-Speed Switches with IGBT Power Semiconductors"

10. Stray plays a large role in determining IGBT switching behavior.
"Comparing the Incomparable - Understanding and Comparing IGBT Module Datasheets"

2. A useful method for calculating losses of an IGBT module is simulation.
"Parallel Connection of IGBT Modules"

5. In some cases, imaging is more useful than X-ray imaging when inspecting IGBT modules.
"Inspecting IGBT Modules"

6. IGBT switching losses increase in proportion to switching.
"Criteria for Successful Selection of IGBT and MOSFET Modules"


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