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Posted on 10 October 2019

International project results in Pulse magnetic field generator


Proton-Electrotex Successfully Participated in International Project in Japan

The project was made in cooperation with Eich Corporation (official distributer of Proton- Electrotex products in Japan), Mishima Denshi, Nichicon and Osaka University, Japan (Center for Advanced High Magnetic Field Science).

As a result of cooperation, the Pulse magnetic field generator with stored energy of 10 MJ was developed and produced. Discharge switch was made with thyristors Т193-2000-65 and diodes D273-2500-50 of Proton-Electrotex production.

Thyristors Т193-2000-65 were chosen for the project because they are adapted for the operation in high voltage semiconductor stacks of converter equipment and meet the following specific requirements for the reverse recovery characteristics at their operation in the serial connection:

1) Minimized values of reverse recovery characteristics.

Design and features of thyristor Т193-2000-65 allow providing much better correspondence of QRR and UTM parameters in comparison with analogous thyristors. Thus at not very large values of UTM which are about 2,20 to 2,35 V there are the thyristors with QRR = 6500 to 7000 µC what is two times lower in comparison with analogous thyristors (QRR is not more than 12000 µC, UTM is not more than 2,50 V at analogous testing conditions).

2) Identity of the reverse recovery characteristics.

Dispersion in ts values in the serial connection of 5 thyristors was not more than 1µs. Proton-Electrotex makes such an accurate selection with the usage of special equipment.

3) Stability of reverse recovery characteristics in wide range of operating temperatures.

Increasing of QRR is about 20-25% when changing the temperature from 25 to 125 °С. For analogous thyristors at the same changing of the operating temperature the increase of QRR is double. This feature as well as small dispersion of UTM in serial stacks guarantees the safe and stable operation of the stacks in the actual operating conditions.


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