Posted on 01 August 2019

Interview on High Voltage Power Supply Technology

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with James Morrison, CEO UltraVolt

By Bodo Arlt, Editor BP


Bodo Arlt: How did UltraVolt start and what was the founder’s vision?

James Morrison: Filippo Galluppi and I cofounded UltraVolt in 1990 after he sold his custom, military hvps company to a defence contractor. Our vision was to be the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of standard-product hvps.

James Morrison

Bodo Arlt: What future end markets will drive UltraVolt for new development?

James Morrison: Extreme performance requirements in quality and reliability for analytical instruments and semiconductor equipment tools will drive UltraVolt to new technologies and capabilities.

Bodo Arlt: What is UltraVolt’s position besides the wide range of supply manufactures?

James Morrison: UltraVolt separates itself from the custom manufacturers in the market with highly standardized, fully qualified products sourced in short lead times. Our team of applications engineers assist both new designers and experts in high voltage by going beyond mechanical, thermal, and electrical considerations into complete high-voltage design support.

Bodo Arlt: What are the technologies that UltraVolt can offer for innovation leadership?

James Morrison: UltraVolt is at the forefront in designing hvps for precision systems in a variety of applications.

Bodo Arlt: What makes UltraVolt Systems different from traditional Power Supply manufacturers?

James Morrison: UltraVolt’s standard-product systems are configurable from our catalog of standard modules, which means each output of the system operates with known characteristics.

Bodo Arlt: Can you tell us about the products and some of its key features?

James Morrison: UltraVolt’s high-voltage power supplies provide outputs from 0 to 62V through 0 to 50kV at 0 to 4 watts through 0 to 250 watts. Standard control features include TTL enable, built-in reference, programmable output, and output current and voltage monitors. Output features include short-circuit protection, current limiting, and arc protection along with various performance levels of ripple, noise, regulation, and stability. In addition to our general-purpose lines of power supplies, UltraVolt also offers specialized devices. The UltraVolt “E” Series, precision hvps output is less than 10ppm/°C thermal drift with ripple as low as 0.5ppm and an amazing long-term stability of 500ppm over 5 years. The “TF” Series is a group of miniature high-voltage test fixtures for quantitative and qualitative measurements of high-voltage power sources and signals. The “FIL” Series of precision filament bias supplies provides ppmlevel control, accuracy, and stability for enhancing filament life and performance in the most demanding applications.

Bodo Arlt: What makes UltraVolt different from traditional suppliers?

James Morrison: UltraVolt offers a comprehensive, high-performance, fully featured standard product line available with a short lead time from experienced high-voltage applications engineering professionals. UltraVolt has never obsoleted a standard product, continually invests in the latest manufacturing technologies, and regularly introduces cool stuff that always has safety and compliance agency approvals.

Bodo Arlt: How much is UltraVolt involved in the end customer’s applications?

James Morrison: UltraVolt’s goal is to be an experienced high-voltage resource, knowledgeable in the critical performance areas of each customer’s application. UltraVolt regularly assists customers with challenges related to high-voltage problem solving and reliable high-voltage system design.

Bodo Arlt: What do you see as your core competencies?

James Morrison: UltraVolt is known in the industry for exceptional customer support and is the leading standard-product brand in high voltage.

Bodo Arlt: Does your technology allow you to enter markets that cannot be served by traditional power supply companies?

James Morrison: The technology required to enter the high-voltage marketplace is unique, challenging, and fraught with risk. UltraVolt’s experience in developing reliable, high-efficiency hv power supplies enables it to enter new markets.

Bodo Arlt: Who are your competitors you believe will stimulate the race for leadership?

James Morrison: While the high-voltage market looks crowded with suppliers, each appears to have carved out its own unique niche, allowing them to lead in their own distinct way.

Bodo Arlt: Thank you James for the time. We look forward to a successful future for High Voltage Power Supply Technology.



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