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Interview on Power Module Technology

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with Peter Ingram, President of European Operations, IXYS

By Bodo Arlt, Editor BPS


Bodo Arlt: What future end markets will drive IXYS for power module technology?

Peter Ingram: The traditional market for power modules, drives and UPS will continue to have a very high priority. Variations and adaptions of electric drive technology will be utilized to provide systems for renewable energy requirements, and obviously for future electric drives in Automotive.

Bodo Arlt: What is IXYS position besides the wide range of IGBT modules?

Peter Ingram: IXYS has a wide range of products, not only IGBT modules. There we a wide range of consumer and telecom applications where IGBT modules have only limited access. Other technologies than IGBT Modules are and will continue to have great opportunities for power semiconductor companies like IXYS.

Bodo Arlt: What are the technologies that IXYS can offer innovation for leadership?

Peter Ingram: Our leading position, in house DCB, bipolar expertise as with the SONIC Diodes and transfer molded DCB packages will support and grow the leadership of IXYS in innovation in the IGBT module market. In other areas like high power, high frequency and VOIP, IXYS also has innovative technologies.

Bodo Arlt: What are you views to forward integration?

Peter Ingram: In all areas, there is a trend to forward integration requested by the customer base, and ideally served by the Semiconductor supplier. This is not only limited to a growing interest in IPM’s for customers with a weak technology base but also into high power systems where Stacks or system solutions are being in increasingly focused on. The systems knowledge is available within a company like IXYS, but it is important not to compete with your customers but serve their requirements.

Bodo Arlt: What makes IXYS different from traditional module suppliers?

Peter Ingram: IXYS has many years of experience not only in power semiconductors but in DCB and packaging. Also IXYS has always approached complete solutions not forgetting the other components, like bipolar parts, necessary to give a customer complete service. Nevertheless it has never forgotten to offer slot-in standard products to enlarge the potential supplier base.

Bodo Arlt: What makes IXYS different from traditional semiconductor companies?

Peter Ingram: IXYS has always been open not only to standard products but has and always will be open to make customized products. Such products allow the customer competitive benefit in their own market. It also has relative to the size of the organisation, one of the widest spectrums of technologies that can be offered.

Bodo Arlt: How much is IXYS involved in the end customer’s application?

Peter Ingram: Without understanding and supporting end customer applications it is not possible to develop the right products for the future. However, most end customers understand more than we can ever do about their own market, so what we offer is partnership and support.

Bodo Arlt: How much is IXYS involved in automotive applications using the advantage of modules for hybrid technology?

Peter Ingram: IXYS has, for many years, been supporting the industrial automotive market with modules and has new products like the GWM series that have gained in roads in the automotive market. Electric drive systems and the associated periphery for future car technologies are part of the forward strategy for IXYS.

Bodo Arlt: What will be the future for IGBT gate driver technology?

Peter Ingram: There will be no one gate driver technology. For high voltage systems, magnetic or optical isolation will be a necessity. For lower voltage systems, the IXYS SOI technology will have obvious advantages and great potential. The compatibility of such technologies to be integrated into Power packages obviously will influence the route that will be chosen.

Bodo Arlt: Green Energy: what kind of input will this have on the power semiconductor business?

Peter Ingram: The world wide long term necessity to limit the energy usage to the available regenerative energy will have extreme impact on the Power Semiconductor business. Both in the technology we provide as well as the continued innovation in our customers products. Power Semiconductors provide solutions both to reduce energy consumption as well as increasing the out put of regenerative energy. This will give increasing growth opportunities on all fronts, drives, telecom, automotive, etc.

Bodo Arlt: How does IXYS see the future of SIC devises?

Peter Ingram: SIC technology is interesting but is decades way from replacing silicon. The challenge to silicon by SIC technology is already driving improvements in silicon technologies.

Bodo Arlt: Who are your competitors you believe will stimulate the race for leadership?

Peter Ingram: We have no one specific competitor that will stimulate leadership. All competitors stimulate. Stagnation in innovation would, in particular, stimulate Far East and Asian competition. The race for leadership will be predominately driven by the capability of the individual companies to adapt to future challenges.

Bodo Arlt: Thank you for your time shared with my readers.


Peter H. Ingram

Peter H. Ingram

Peter H. Ingram has served as the President of European Operations for IXYS since 2000. From 1994 to 2000, he served as the Vice President of European Operations. From 1989 to 1995, he served as the Director of Wafer Fab. Operations. Mr.Ingram worked with the Semiconductor Operations of ABB from 1982 until these operations were acquired by IXYS. Mr. Ingram received an Honors degree in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham.



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