Posted on 01 November 2019

Interview on Power Semiconductor Technology with Izak Bencuya, Vice President, GM Fairchild

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By Bodo Arlt, Editor BPSD


Bodo Arlt: What end markets will drive module technology?

Izak Bencuya: Industrial markets are the first for modules followed by consumer appliance with variable speed inverter drives. This is mainly seen in Japan and China. Computing/server applications needing high efficiency will follow.

Bodo Arlt: What is Fairchild’s position besides the wide range of discretes and the selected modules?

Izak Bencuya: We have a strong system power expertise that will define and deliver the most cost effective power solution for each application.

BodoArlt: What are the technologies that can offer innovation for leadership?

Izak Bencuya: Application specific Integrated Smart Power Modules (SPMs) are up for innovation with multi-chip packaging technologies.

Bodo Arlt: Is it more in silicon, or is it part of packaging technology?

Izak Bencuya: Both capabilities are required to give the system cost advantage. Designs taking advantage of modular integration are consumer appliances, display panels, servers and desk top applications.

Bodo Arlt: What makes Fairchild different from traditional module suppliers?

Izak Bencuya: Fairchild offers solutions in power ranges from <1W to kW enabled by process and packaging. This combined with high volume production capability offers the most efficient design options for our customers.

Bodo Arlt: What makes Fairchild different from traditional discrete suppliers?

Izak Bencuya: The balance between discrete and module solutions.

Bodo Arlt: How much is Fairchild involved in the end customer’s application?

Izak Bencuya: Fairchild approaches the customer base with a strong technical team with experience in both device and system engineering. We define our products to align with our customer’s design needs for the right market window.

Bodo Arlt: How much is Fairchild involved in motion applications using the advantage of IGBTs?

Izak Bencuya: Variable speed motor drives need an integrated solution of driver and IGBTs to function at line voltages. The 600V and 1200V IGBT product families are specifically designed for this application.

Bodo Arlt: What will be the target to introduce new module products?

Izak Bencuya: Fairchild targets applications that will benefit from turn-key power solutions. This shortens time to market and simplifies end product deigns.

Bodo Arlt: What will be the future for modules with line voltage and driver technology?

Izak Bencuya: The fundamentals considering physics and cost will determine the best approach between multi-chip or monolithic.

Bodo Arlt: Do we expect monolithic solutions for modules?

Izak Bencuya: For lower power levels, lateral switches can be a good solution. Fairchild has a family of lateral switches that employ a monolithic approach. We call this family our IntelliMAX™ products.

Bodo Arlt: Do we expect to see high voltage IC technology in the line voltage range?

Izak Bencuya: High Voltage Driver ICs (HVICs) complement the application. Fairchild has invested to have a 600 volt HVIC process and is looking into a 1200 volt process.

Bodo Arlt: Who are your competitors you believe will stimulate the race for leadership?

Izak Bencuya: Infineon has good IGBTs combined with packaging resources. Voltera is doing the low voltages. Companies in the Far East turning from meet to now to innovative approaches.

Bodo Arlt: Are you ready for Electronica in November?

Izak Bencuya: Fairchild will be present and show the latest developments. We are highlighting our SPM family demonstrating efficient power solutions in everyday appliances.

Bodo Arlt: Thank you, Izak, for your time and we look forward to a successful future for Functional Power.


Dr. Izak Bencuya

Dr. Izak Bencuya

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Functional Power


Dr. Izak Bencuya is responsible for growing Fairchild’s Functional Power group through the integration and innovation of new product and process technology, and through the development of highly efficient advanced packaging.

With more than 24 years of industry experience, he began his career at Yale University researching ultra thin oxide MOS devices. Dr. Bencuya later worked at GTE Laboratories and Siliconix in various research and management roles to develop and market leading edge Power Discrete devices, such as MOSFETs, IGBTs and SITs. He joined Fairchild in 1994 to start the Low Voltage MOSFET business which has grown to be one of the major revenue and earnings generating lines at Fairchild.

Dr. Bencuya has a B.S.E.E. from Bosphorous University in Istanbul, Turkey, an M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University, and an M.B.A. from the University of California-Berkeley. He was the recipient of the IBM Fellowship, the Thomas Alva Edison Fellowship and the Charles Deere Wiman Fellowship and is a member of the IEEE Electron Device Society and Electrochemical Society. Dr. Bencuya holds 15 patents and has published extensively in the electronics field.



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