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Posted on 10 August 2019

New current measuring transducer for the strategic monitoring and optimisation of systems and processes


With wind turbines, ACT20C provides the transparency needed for managing the effective power consumption of the connected loads

The new ACT20C module from Weidmüller is a current measuring transducer for the strategic monitoring and optimisation of systems and processes. To operate them as efficiently as possible, users need to have constant information about the current status of devices and functions. In wind power installations for example, this includes the effective power consumption of connected loads, such as motors for pitch adjustment, device heaters or brakes and information concerning their utilisation and operating performance.

The new ACT20C current measuring transducer uses the RMS method (True RMS) to produce correct readings of AC and DC current, even with distorted waveforms. Information about the connected load’s operating behaviour is also determined during this process. The result is a significant increase in transparency for error detection and fault analysis. All ACT20C current measuring transducers deliver both precise current measurements with a high degree of accuracy of ≤ 0.5% (FSR) and additional status information via Ethernet.

ACT20C current measuring transducer allows precise current measurements and comprehensive status information via Ethernet

The data transmitted by the ACT20C current measuring transducers enable continuous monitoring of connected units in terms of whether levels are exceeding or falling below defined load points, as well as information on utilisation and operation. This simplifies the systematic optimisation of systems and processes. Wind turbines in particular are ideal candidates for the Weidmüller ACT20C station with current measuring transducers: it is important to detect overloads or engine and brake anomalies at an early stage and also to respond promptly to poorly performing cooling fans or rotor blade de-icing.

The new ACT20C current measuring transducers allow precise condition monitoring: preventive maintenance strategies can be implemented based on information about operating conditions and process data from the connected devices. Monitoring and configuration take place via the ACT20C gateway station. Software configuration is based on the FDT and FDT2 standards, which simplifies parameter setting, documentation and data backups.

The “smart software configuration” is based on FDT2 standards

ACT20C current measuring transducers have a relay output for limit value alarms with switching threshold, delay and hysteresis. A highlight of the product is multiple threshold monitoring, which facilitates the precise definition of a range of alarm situations with main and secondary alarms. The alarm delay time can be configured at any position in the range from 0 to 180 seconds.

The communication-enabled ACT20C CMT current measuring transducer measures and monitors AC/DC current. Input and output ranges are easy to adjust. With an input measurement range of 0…5/10 A AC (RMS) or DC and an input frequency of 15…700 Hz, an output voltage 0...5 V, 0...10 V, -5…+5 V, -10...+10 V and output current of 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, -20…+20 mA, the current measuring transducer provides numerous options for customised settings. Galvanic 4-way isolation and an impulse withstand voltage of 6.4 kV in accordance with IEC 61010-2-201 guarantee a high level of process reliability. Available in two variants: ACT20C-CMT-10-AO-RC-S with an input measurement range 0...5/10 A and ACT20C-CMT-60-AO-RC-S with an input range of 0...40/50/60 A.

ACT20C current measuring transducers are used in combination with the new ACT20C gateway. With the ACT20C gateway, users have a complete overview of all process parameters via Ethernet, while station management featuring “Plug & Produce” and “hot swapping” speeds up installation and any maintenance work. The comprehensively designed diagnostic approach supports fast and accurate root cause analysis in accordance with Namur recommendations NE107, NE43, NE44.

An ACT20C gateway provides access to all data from the devices connected to an ACT20C station. RJ45 ports with Ethernet TCP/IP and 10/100BaseT (X) are used for this. An Ethernet 10/100 Base-T interface and jack plug for CBX200 are also used. The gateway receives data via the CH20M rail bus from multiple communication-enabled ACT20C (ACT20C-CMT-x) current measuring transducers. In addition to dynamic addressing via DHCP, manual adjustment via FDT/DTM software is also available for simplified parameter documentation and data backup.

The ACT20C gateway is fully operational in a wide range of temperatures from - 25° to + 60° C. International approvals such as CE and UL open up worldwide application possibilities.

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