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Simulation Tools for Power Module and Power Semiconductor Device Selection


The Semikron SEMISEL Simulation Software calculates power dissipation and temperature curves, evaluates ready assembled stacks based on user specifications, provides selection of suitable devices for given nominal operating conditions and heat sink temperature, and proposes suitable IGBT drivers for Semikron IGBT's or given gate charge.

The Infineon Power Simulation program will support you to select the right Infineon bipolar modules or disk devices for your rectifier (B2, B6, M3.2 and M6) or AC switch (W1C and W3C) applications as well as suited IGBT modules for your inverter (single & three phase in 2-Level as well as 3-Level) or DC converter (buck and boost) applications.

MELCOSIM is a software tool used for proper selection of Mitsubishi Electric power modules based on fast power loss and junction temperature calculation. MELCOSIM is software designed for the power loss calculation occurring in power modules under specific user application conditions and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

The Fuji Electric IGBT/FWD power loss simulation software version 5 is an improved version for calculating IGBT losses and temperatures for variable load pattern. The accuracy of the loss calculation is improved and useful functions for application design with Fuji IGBT modules are added.

  • SIMPORT MOSFET Simulation Tool - NXP Semiconductors

The Active Datasheet lets you vary the test conditions and redraw many of the graphs typically provided in a conventional datasheet. The online Buck Designer prompts the user for a few basic parameters and then calculates the most efficient MOSFET combinations for a given synchronous buck regulator.

  • IGBT Driver Selection - Concept

For each IGBT manufacturer, you will find a list of currently available and planned plug-and-play drivers arranged by voltage and current classes. You may then select the driver that is perfectly matched to your desired IGBT on the basis of the voltage and current classes or the item number.

  • AlCap Calculation - TDK EPCOS

The AlCap design tool dimensions capacitor banks and individual capacitors. When you enter the specific parameters of your application such as voltage, current, ambient temperature and cooling method, the tool offers solutions with a range of key data, including useful life, price index and ordering codes.

  • NTC Thermistors - TDK EPCOS

The web-based tool allows calculation of the resistance/temperature characteristics of EPCOS NTC thermistors. R/T characteristics can be individually calculated and manipulated by adjusting the temperature range and the resistance tolerance and selecting the desired temperature intervals.

  • Digital Pressure Sensor Demo-kit - TDK EPCOS

This software is specially intended for the use with our digital pressure sensor T5400 USB demoboard. The software allows the read-out of the sensor data of the T5400 sensor and display of the data (temperature, pressure, raw and compensated values and calibration coefficients) on your computer screen.

  • Tool-kit for SAW Developers of Automotive Applications - TDK EPCOS

This application toolkit is specially intended for designers of SAW circuits. It lucidly describes designs for resonators and complete front-end modules with numerous illustrations.

This design tool provides motion control design engineers with efficient means of calculating the power losses and temperature rise in Fairchild motion SPM modules. The tool addresses three-phase inverter sinusoidal modulation for variable speed drive applications powering permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and AC induction motors.

  • LED Driver Design Tool - NXP Semiconductor

This SSL design tool focuses on creating LED drivers from 2 W up to 25 W. Output power is user-defined and can be fixed, dimmed using pulse width modulation (PWM), or requires mains dimmable solutions. Choose from two different application types - an isolated (flyback) converter and a non-isolated (buck) converter.

These excel-based design tools enable users to design LED drivers using Fairchild's LED Controller products.

  • Select-A-SPD® - Mersen

With Mersen's new Select-A-SPD® Online tool, you can quickly and accurately choose the right Surge Protection Device (SPD) for your equipment. Mersen's Surge-Trap® product line offers a world class suite of surge protection devices designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable surge damage.

  • Select-A-Switch® - Mersen

With Mersen's Select-A-Switch® Online tool, you can quickly and accurately choose the right disconnect switch for your application. You can easily review Mersen's product data specifications by clicking on the catalog link, which will provide you with the most up-to-date technical information.

  • Select-A-Fuse® - Mersen

With Mersen's Select-A-Fuse® Online, you can quickly and accurately choose the right overcurrent fuse protection for low- and medium-voltage motors, power and control transformers, and general loads.

  • R-Tools Heatsink Modeling - Mersen

Mersen makes it easy and convenient to quickly and accurately model various heatsink configurations using an advanced three dimensional numerical model. Best of all, it’s online 24/7 – and it’s free!

Power Supply Design Tools

  • WEBENCH® FPGA Power Architect tool - Texas Instruments

WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect tool incorporates the detailed supply requirements of the newest FPGA devices from Altera, Xilinx, Actel, and Lattice. The power supply designs delivered by WEBENCH incorporate comprehensive FPGA power requirements published by the FPGA manufacturers, giving the designer confidence that their power supplies will meet these constraints while saving critical time in the process.

The Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) is an integrated PWM and SenseFET used for switch mode power supplies. The table below lists each part and it's corresponding downloadable Excel-based design tool. In addition, each design tool comes with it's own application note to guide users through the process.

Free SMPS power supply design, switching converter topologies, circuit analysis, magnetic design software, transformer/inductor simulation & calculation software, DVT, Thermal, MTBF, Life time and Monte Carlo analysis tool. Support LED driver design, PFC, notebook adaptor, phone charger, DVD, TV, PC, ballast, etc.

Complete an off-line flyback converter design with minimal engineering time and expense, fine tune parameters to optimize performance as you perform detailed analysis and simulations, all while eliminating the need for a hardware prototype. Power Supply WebDesigner automatically generates a BOM and lets you confidentially save your design for future reference by you or others on your team.

  • Resonant SMPS Design Tool - NXP Semiconductors

The Resonant SMPS Design Tool is very helpful in simplifing your power supply design based on NXPs TEA1610,TEA1611 and TEA1713 LLC resonant controllers. The tool starts with an overview where you can select the product that best fits your application. It generates schematics, bill of materials, and transformer parameters.

  • TEA152x Design Tool - NXP Semiconductors

This design tool focuses on creating low power supply solutions from 2 W up to 25 W. The online tool supports two different application types - an isolated (flyback) converter and a non-isolated (buck) converter. The tool generates schematic, bill of material and transformer parameters, calculates the design's efficiency, and presents an overview of losses.

Circuit Analysis Tools

  • Model Libraries for Inductor Circuit Simulation - EPCOS

Model libraries for SMT and leaded inductors. The libraries include models of the complete SIMID series of current product range (EIA sizes 0402 to 2220). The models of the various series are delivered in individual libraries for each series (0603, 0805, 1210, 1812 etc.). Individual libraries for current SMT power inductors are available for download sorted by size (6x6, 10x10 etc.). The libraries for SMT I core data line chokes (SIMDAD), SMT ring core data line chokes (DLD), power line chokes, transponder coils and RF chokes (BC) supplement the libraries for SMT inductors.




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