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Posted on 07 April 2019

ROHM Semiconductor Presents New Key Products for Power Management


‘Value add in power’ with products like intelligent power modules, isolated gate drivers, isolated flyback converters and ROHM’s 3rd Generation SiC Trench MOSFETs

ROHM Semiconductor will present the latest power product designs at PCIM, the leading trade fair for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energies and energy management in Nuremberg from May 19 – 21, 2015 (Hall 9, Booth 316).

The demand for high performance, power and reliability on one hand, cost and energy efficiency as well as miniaturization on the other, put power devices in a real stress field today. In order to address these requirements, ROHM’s novelties offer beneficial characteristics and compact packaging solutions, based on the company’s advanced research and design activities as well as proprietary micro fabrication technologies.


1. Isolated Flyback DC/DC Converters

ROHM’s new BD7F100HFN-LB is an optocoupler-less isolated flyback converter. An external isolator like optocoupler or a 3rd winding from a transformer which is needed in conventional design of feedback circuits becomes unnecessary in order to obtain a stable output voltage isolated by the transformer. Hence, the number of parts and need of space are reduced drastically resulting in a small-sized and high-reliability isolated type power supply solution. The design uses the original Adapted-Type ON-Time Control Technology to control the output voltage and external phase compensation parts are not required. ROHM guarantees longevity of supply for this converter in order to address the industrial market.

2. Isolated Gate Drivers

ROHM developed new highly reliable, high-speed isolated gate drivers featuring low power consumption. Their integrated isolation function uses proprietary coreless on-chip transformer technology, which is used in several devices like compact, isolated devices like gate drivers, temperature detectors, voltage monitors or standalone isolators. The gate driver offers optimized driving in order to leverage the performance of various SiC, IGBTs and power MOSFETs. The product line-up consists of two families: In addition to ROHM’s BM610xFV series with comprehensive built-in protection functions, BM6001xFV series features a simpler construction and were designed to advance product development quickly, corresponding to various market needs. Overall, the new devices are ideally suited for inverters, DC/DC converters and chargers for EVs, HEV, and PHEVs.

3. IGBT-IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)

Additionally, ROHM will show its new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family for power-efficient motor driving and inverter applications, featuring compactness, high integration and high reliability. It combines several components like gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs or Power MOSFETs (PrestoMOS™), fly wheel diodes as well as various protection functions within one compact HSDIP25 package. Since these products target various applications ROHM offers optimized versions for low/high speed switching. This offers developers of white goods and industry motors a multitude of cost-efficient design options. Comprehensive protection circuits and fault signal output are integrated as well. The full line-up includes 10A,15A, 20A and 30A versions of 600V IGBT-IPMs.

4. 3rd Gen SiC MOSFETs

In the SiC area, ROHM will present its 1200V and 650V SiC MOSFETs based on a Trench Gate structure and is also preparing SiC MOSFETs with breakdown voltage of 1700V. Compared to conventional planar MOSFETs the Trench MOSFETs reach about half of the same on-resistance over the whole temperature range while the stability of the Gate oxide film and of the Body Diode remains as high as with ROHM’s 2nd Generation SiC MOSFETs. The reverse recovery behaviour has been drastically reduced. In principle, there is no tail current during switching, resulting in faster operation and reduced switching loss by 30%. The result is higher reliability and increased current-carrying capacity at reduced cell density and minimum conductivity while keeping a compact format. ROHM MOSFETs are ideal for use in Switch Mode Power Supplies, Renewable Energy Inverters/Converters, EV/HV inverters and chargers.

About ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM Semiconductor is a global company of 331,087 million yen (3,24 billion $) revenue with 19.985 employees in the last fiscal year ending March 2014. ROHM Semiconductor develops and manufactures a very large product range from the Ultra Low Power Microcontroller, Power Management, Standard ICs , SiC Diodes, Mosfets and Modules , Power Transistors and Diodes, LEDs to passives components such as Resistors, Tantalum Capacitors and LED display units, thermal Printheads in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, China and Europe.

Lapis Semiconductor (former OKI Semiconductor), SiCrystal AG and Kionix are  companies of ROHM Group.

ROHM Semiconductor Europe has its head office near Dusseldorf serving the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). For further information please contact


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