Posted on 01 January 2019

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Navigating through constantly changing websites in search of data

We don’t know what we don’t know. Business strategies, be they marketing or product development, require awareness. To be aware one needs to be meaningfully informed.

By Stefano Prina, CEO,


Correlec was created to offer professionals in the electronic industry an efficient and comprehensive online working tool to simplify or even eliminate many of the tedious aspects involved in the search for data. We are flooded by data daily, but it is time consuming and absorbs valuable resources to search through numerous websites, collate data and present it in a meaningful format.

For this reason, Correlec was born. Correlec transforms disperse data into correlated information, ready for use.

How? Supported by substantial investment from the private sector, we merge in-depth knowledge of the industry sectors we cover with cutting-edge IT technology. Our own specialists from the electronic industry, some with more than thirty years experience, work side by side with IT specialists to provide in-depth and qualitative information. The IT platforms at our disposal allow our senior programmers to create targeted, customized and very efficient search engines which, daily, search the web and collect data, then classify it as directed by our industry specialists. Our data banks, in continuous expansion and updated constantly, can then be queried by our customers who, with only a few clicks, can filter, group and sort the data they require and, ultimately, compile a document in the format of their choice, ready to use, present or distribute.

CorrelecPro™ is a unique online interactive tool for professionals in the electronic industry, who prefer evaluating results to searching innumerable websites for information.

It is designed to serve a wide variety of requirements: marketing, product development, sales, supply management, risk management, design engineers of equipment, distributors, spare parts providers, design centres, and Universities, etc.

Subscribers can filter our entire data base by simply inputting a part number, or part thereof, in the apposite “Search by Part Number” module (Figure 1), or by navigating the product tree in the “Search by Product Type” module (Figure 2).

Search by Part Number.

The “Search by Part Number” results in a table which includes the original manufacturer’s name, the most significant electrical parameters, case type, circuit, and a direct link to the manufacturer’s data sheet. One click extracts automatically all similar products in our data banks, or by using the apposite parametric query module (Figure 3), full filtering options are available.

Search by Product Type.

The same parametric query module is obtained by choosing the “Search by Product Type” module and by navigating the product tree to refine the filtering according to chosen criteria. The output of the search, (Figure 4), which contains by default all parameters or, at the user’s discretion, only those pre-selected in the query module, can then be sorted in innumerable ways, with data shown in horizontal or vertical format.

Using the apposite parametric query module

Very powerful, yet easy to use, CorrelecPro™ does not require the installation of any software, does not interfere with any existing IT internal infrastructures or business processes, produces immediate results. Correlec is not associated to any manufacturer, distributor or association thus guaranteeing its autonomy and impartiality.

Output of the Search, ready for further sorting, comparing data, printing final report

There are no limits to the potential of this product, both as an online tool or as a means to provide custom products. Content and functionalities are being added on a continuous basis and, very soon, product status, availability and pricing will be a feature of our offering. The semiconductor sector is rapidly being completed by adding PICs and components for the microelectronic industry, but our vision is to eventually cover a wide variety of sectors of the electronic industry, to include active and passive components, sensors, electro-mechanical components as well as equipment and electronic/electrical systems.

Now navigating through constantly changing websites in search of data, downloading information, and then collating it in a format you need, is a thing of the past. Now there is Correlec, your partner for enhanced productivity.


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