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Tools Represent Considerable Cost Savings

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Invaluable insight through precise software solutions

The foundation for the next generation of tools is based on a device/OS – independent engine that is very scalable (supporting several processors & communication medias) – clear distinction between the business logic (in engine) and its clients, encouraging development of new tools. Intercommunication is socket-based ensuring interoperability between systems.

By Nigel Robert Branscombe, Crosshairs Embedded (former: Active DSP of Norway)


In direct response to client feedback, Active DSP of Norway has in close collaboration with their clients recently undergone a re-branding strategy which will further cement the company’s profile in their primary international markets around the globe.

Having successfully traded for the past 5 years as Active DSP (Comm)- listening carefully to our clients, we recognised the need to change our name to CrossHairs Embedded. This reflects our continued growth, core values and determination to offer all our clients the highest quality of products. We strongly believe our new image will provide us with a strong personality in our relative market-place.

Our clients of yesterday, today and tomorrow are primarily European; US and Asian based industrial driven companies that operate in highly competitive environments. These types of companies continuously seek both short and long-term competitive advantages in their manufacturing processes and corporate value-chains. Our products have delivered these values since the company’s original conception in 2004 by both Jarl Karlsen and William Gullvik, both of whom remain very active within the business.

“Here at Eltorque AS, we have very high standards and expectations says Tor Erik Naebb (Technical Manager) and Brynjar Balstad (Managing Director) and Active DSP have always exceeded our expectations. The values, which their software solutions continuously provide us, are second-to-none and we are delighted with the overall efficiencies that their products give us in remaining highly competitive and profitable.”

 Value-Chain (Benefit Analysis through Economies of Scale)

Wärtsilä is another global client of CrossHairs Embedded and their specific objective is to enhance the business of their customers by providing complete lifecycle power solutions within the marine and energy markets. Terje Rogne (Product Manager) says,  “CrossHairs Embedded solutions saves us a great deal of time & money by simplifying debugging, monitoring of live values and other vital development matters. Additionally, there is no need to use a JTAG based interface for targeting device issues.”

Whilst the complexities of our solutions are rich, we have re-focused our communications on three critical client value savings, which ostensibly mirror our core benefits:
• Money Saving.
• Time Saving.
• Peace of mind (stress) Saving.

Understandably, non-technical decision makers don’t want to know how our products work, they just want to know that they work because time is such a valuable commodity. It’s a bit like buying a drill to make a hole in the wall; you’re not buying the drill, rather you’re buying the hole in the wall. The flip-side of this coin though, is that technical decision makers also need to be involved in the decision making process. Our team is dedicated to both sets of wants and needs and this has proved very effective for developing longterm client relationships through greater understanding.

“The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) vendor market is highly competitive, yet Texas Instruments (TI) of the US hold approximately 50% of this global market-share and the indicators suggest that this trend will continue,” says Jarl Karlsen (Active DSP Founder).

The business has a strong relationship with (TI) and shall continue to develop joint global consumer solutions. Our current range of products can be used either independently or within a network environment, and our seamless benefits have been developed in close cooperation with Texas Instruments of the US. Active DSP is the only Third Party (Software) Member of Texas Instruments in Norway and we can see our relationship with (TI) going from strength to strength. As a result, we provide on-going client support for TI’s C2000, C6000 and MSP430 family processors and plan to work together on new initiatives for Multi National Corporations, especially in respect to ‘security’ features, which are an optimum benefit to such parties.

“The benefits of our product solutions for today and tomorrow are invaluable to business decision leaders, so much so, that it’s often difficult to convince our clients’ to make referrals to other business decision makers within their own industries and due to our specialism’s, we’ve created something of a ‘magic-circle community’ within the Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Traffic & Rail Control, Computing, Fire & Security, Marine & Medical Sectors,” says Nigel Branscombe their Sales and Marketing Director who recently joined the company from the UK.

• Client Benefits (non-exhaustive).
• Extremely robust security systems.
• Real-Time functional debugger.
• Highly reliable testing in electronically noisy environments.
• Non-intrusive testing (whilst systems are operating) in real-time.
• Testing & monitoring via any port or interface.
• Remote testing & monitoring (from multiple locations simultaneously).
• Variables are automatically extracted from your operating systems.

Our clients are very positive about our products and services. However, so great are the advantages to them that they are understandably reluctant to share these insights with other parties and this is most definitely a unique position that we find ourselves in.

Despite the current global economic climate, we remain extremely busy, so much so, that many new clients are asking us to help them save money through our solutions and we provide optimum solutions that are tailor-made for their needs.

Working with our clients is truly insightful and although it’s often time consuming, we believe that this investment is the right way forward in providing us with a greater understanding of their future needs.

One example of many in how this has worked for our clients is Bekaert, who are a world player in manufacturing advanced metal transformation and materials and coatings.

They have over 100 factories worldwide and we are currently working with them on identifying future solutions that they can use for all their factories. Such solutions can significantly increase their primary productivity activities through their global value-chain (operations & outbound logistics). Geert Malfait (Manager) of their automation technology division goes on to say:

“The best solution we have found for fulfilling all our needs when conducting real-time debugging, maintenance and operations of our global production process is quite simply by using the products available from CrossHairs Embedded.”

For tomorrow’s needs today, CrossHairs Embedded are developing a new range of highly efficient and effective client focused tools.

Andreas Skaret (CTO) goes on to say:

“We’re working very closely with our clients in developing this new suite of solutions and in a way, it’s as much their product as ours and despite the heavy investment made by our team, I’m quite sure that both existing and new clients are going to be pleasantly surprised with our prices.”

“This is a very exciting period for us at CrossHairs Embedded and we’re very enthused with the constructive feedback we’ve received from our clients thus-far.”

One of the many benefits that CrossHairs Embedded provide their clients is the seamless ability to use their products both locally and remotely. Many existing clients have taken full advantage of this feature in that their systems can talk to one another in different parts of the world with no interruptions whatsoever.

Next Generation Tool (V2)

In short – the foundation for our next generation of tools is based on a device/OS – independent engine that is very scalable (supporting several processors & communication medias) – clear distinction between the business logic (in engine) and its clients, encouraging development of new tools. Intercommunication is socket-based ensuring interoperability between systems.

From a client’s perspective, a software client application can be a real-time debugger, a GUI-builder, a customized application running as a host application/ or in a browser, an OPC-server or indeed another tool.

Product Features

Product Features:

•Based on tried and tested core technology
•Products and Solutions
•Functional Debugger tools
•Test and Verification solution
•Datacenter solution for QA and analysis
•Profiling solution
•Interface designer tools
•Solutions for other platforms.

CEO Lars Thore W. Aarrestad oes on to say, “Our software solutions for embedded systems essentially set the connection between maintenance teams and production machinery, providing remote access to servicing expertise, even in businesses with plants across several continents. Furthermore, our tools represent considerable cost savings due to their ability to cover several disparate applications, i.e. program development, maintenance and testing.”

The team

Partner of Texas Instruments

Partner of MathWorks

“This also means that our clients no longer need to employ large program development teams, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on their core business. It’s all about solving challenges with few people.”

For more information on our products and services and to receive a free assessment for helping to improve the efficiency of your company’s value-chain, feel free to contact our friendly team.



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