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Posted on 07 June 2019

Weidmüller energy monitoring in production facilities: New, holistic range of solutions

Measure energy consumption of production systems in detail: Comprehensive range of energy measuring instruments


Effectively maximise energy efficiency and plant availability. – Total Energy Monitoring increases transparency and process stability – Measure energy consumption of production systems in detail.

These days, global megatrends are having an increasing impact on commercial activities. Whether it is climate change or dwindling resources, they are having an effect right down to the local level. The same applies to industry as well. Here, it is additionally a question of increased plant availability and efficient production processes, whereby both factors require every single company to implement a package of appropriate measures. To meet individual customer needs in relation to energy monitoring and process stabilisation, Weidmüller has developed an extensive range of solutions in the form of Total Energy Monitoring. In the first instance, the Weidmüller range of solutions makes it possible to monitor and analyse manufacturing plant energy networks from the point of transfer, through sub-distribution to the individual machine components. Software packages for visualisation and analysis purposes as well as for remote access complete the solution package.

The Weidmüller range of solutions has a modular approach, is extremely scalable and can be packaged together very flexibly to match customer requirements. It combines hardware, software and consultancy into one comprehensive concept.

As a rule of thumb, in order to increase energy efficiency and plant availability, measurement data must be collected at different points of a production site. Total Energy Monitoring from Weidmüller enables the creation of an individual energy monitoring solution with modules combined together in an application-specific way.

Scalable solutions of all sizes can be created starting from the individual measuring points through to the complete measurement system and including remote access. The broad spectrum offered by the modular system always offers the right options, even for very specific applications. Users can be very flexible when it comes to putting the right package together. In order to create and to guarantee customer benefits with a focus on energy efficiency, quality, safety and availability, all the components are precisely matched to each other and together, they deliver an optimum solution.

The Weidmüller range of solutions represents an end-to-end, scalable system that extends from the individual components on/in the machines to to the cabling/management level. It covers measurements in the machine module at the decentralised equipment level, measurements at the machine/plant level and measurements along the complete production line and ensures network transfer in the factory, the head office building and the individual offices. Alongside devices for energy monitoring, measurement and analysis, Weidmüller also provides a broad range of Industrial Ethernet components. In detail, as well as modular terminal blocks and current measuring transducers, Weidmüller also offers many more components for the setup of a complete energy management system. Components such as gateways, switches and routers, power supplies, remote I/O systems and much more besides.

Energy management graphic

Weidmüller provides tailored and integrated solutions to help companies manage their energy. Irrespective of whether companies have to carry out an energy audit in line with the requirements of DIN EN 16247-1 or whether they want to introduce a certified energy management system, Weidmüller is there to help them with an energy management system built on its three pillars of competence. Thanks to the Weidmüller energy management system, companies can achieve sustainable reductions in their energy costs: Weidmüller offers both its proven, intelligent, network-enabled hardware components as well as sophisticated energy controlling software and comprehensive advice to companies. The latter begins with a needs assessment, continuing with proposals for the measurement and visualisation of energy data through to the detailed planning and implementation of energy management. Experts from Weidmüller carry out energy audits in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 or they help companies to get ISO 50001 certification for their energy management system. Detailed information is available under For direct contact, write to

Measure energy consumption of production systems in detail: Weidmüller energy measuring instruments make energy efficiency transparent.

Many companies focus on making the most conservative use of energy sources. They want to use energy more efficiently and to maximise the availability of energy networks. And this isn't just because companies want to demonstrate a sense of responsibility. This approach also makes a lot of commercial sense as well. Weidmüller also accommodates this approach with its new energy measuring instruments, because they can do much more than just measure the consumption of electrical energy. For example, the energy measuring instruments also determine fundamental parameters concerning the energy quality or they can analyse the flows on all cables, individually anddifferentially as for example with the Energy Meter 750. In this way, users get a rapid overview of the status of the electrical energy throughout the corresponding production site, not just in terms of efficient usage but also in respect of factors such as quality, stability and availability.

Industrial plant energy networks

The energy networks within industrial plants are complex in terms of their construction and their structure. Weidmüller energy measuring instruments make it possible to divide energy networks into manageable areas, in order to make the analysis of consumption and other energy-related parameters more convenient. The energy measuring instruments deliver the relevant key data at a single glance. With devices that have an integrated display, essential measurement data such as voltage, current, performance and power can be read-off straight away and recorded in an intuitive way. In addition, the measuring instruments are designed to be scalable. This means that thanks to the extensive range of instruments available, users can divide the energy network in their premises as they wish and carry out detailed measurements. Weidmüller has the right measuring instrument for every part of the system because not every measuring instrument is suitable for every application. Correspondingly, the modular programme of devices is very broad, so that users can always find the appropriate measuring instrument for each part of their system. Currently a total of 12 instruments are available, all matched to each other and capable of flexible deployment.

Almost all the measuring instruments have integrated network quality analysis functions. As well as harmonics up to at least a factor of 25, they can also measure the symmetry of the individual phases.  In this way, the instruments make it possible to get an immediate initial impression of the quality of the energy network.

Apart from the Energy Meter 330 and 350 devices, all energy measuring instruments have an integrated data interface. The available interfaces range from a simple RS232 interface to an Ethernet port.

The Weidmüller product line ranges from the Energy Meter, measuring instruments for front panel installation (Energy Meter 330, 350, 525, 610, 610 PB/ Profibus, 750) through measuring instruments for terminal rail mounting (Energy Meter D370, D370-UL, D650), then the Energy Analyser 550 (front panel installation), D550 (terminal rail) to the D550 Energy Logger (terminal rail). While Energy Meter devices are mainly deployed in production facilities and machinery and plant engineering, Energy Analysers are focused on the energy industry. Energy Loggers on the other hand are equally suitable for machinery and plant engineering and the energy industry. Or in other words, Energy Meters are deployed when there are questions/solutions in respect of energy efficiency and Energy Analysers when there are questions/solutions in respect of network quality. Energy Loggers cover both areas.


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