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Posted on 27 January 2019

Weidmüller SAI SVV power distributor



The new power distributor significantly reduces the amount of cabling required. – Pluggable M12 power distributors (IP67) for 24 V with up to 32 A of total current. – T-coded connectors for high power levels. – Continuously pluggable M12 cabling for power and signals.


With the SAI SVV, Weidmüller is presenting a new, compact power distributor that effectively reduces the amount of cabling required. Progressive automation not only increases the amount of cabling required, but also the number of field components needing power. The SAI SVV offers a convincing solution to this problem.

For efficient 24 V power distribution pursuant to the IP 67 standard, Weidmüller is providing all users with pluggable M12 power distributors for up to 32 A of total current. The new SAI SVV power distributor also securely supplies up to four components in the field via a single cable.

The compact SAI SVV module is a continuously pluggable solution equipped with T-coded sockets for high power levels. Last but not least, the SAI SVV shortens installation times and makes servicing easier. The SAI SVV is equipped with an assembly hood, so cables – up to 4-wire, 4 mm2 – can be assembled easily and in a customized fashion. Each SAI SVV features 24 V plug-in stations pursuant to the IP 67 standard – with 10 A for power and 1 A for electronics per plug-in station.

The four “10 A load circuits” are all fuse-protected. Each fuse is connected to an LED, which goes out in the event of fuse failure. The “1 A electronic circuit” is also protected by a fuse, and an LED signals failure here too. The SAI SVV is therefore a unique solution for voltage supply in the field at the present time.

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