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Posted on 30 March 2019

Weidmüller WPD distribution blocks - the secure and efficient way to distribute supplied power


Weidmüller’s new series of WPD distribution blocks enable users to distribute power securely and efficiently. Power distribution to machinery and plants is especially secure, flexible and space-saving with the new distribution blocks. A sub-distribution block and a range of phase distribution blocks are available. With permissible voltages of up to 1,000 V AC or 1,500 V DC and high currents of 101 A to 353 A, all of the distribution blocks have a high-performance design. The WPD 109 version with its impressive values of 1,500 V DC or 353 A make it especially suitable for photovoltaic systems.

The power fed to plants and machinery often has to be re-distributed to supply additional consumers, such as motors. Naturally, this process should be as secure and efficient as possible. However, the demands placed on distribution blocks are growing constantly due to the use of ever larger cable cross-sections and dwindling amounts of space in the control cabinet. The new WPD distribution blocks from Weidmüller take account of these demands. They are used in all situations where power is supplied and distributed. The new WPD distribution blocks enable users to implement a fast, efficient and space-saving power supply. This is also facilitated by a clear and user-friendly design. In addition to modules certified to IEC 62019-7-1, Weidmüller also offers variants that meet the requirements of UL 1059 – for worldwide applications.

Weidmüller offers its new WPD distribution blocks in a wide range of combinations. The multiphase block, for example, permits a multitude of options. Extensions can be created either by combining modules or bridging.

All WPD distribution blocks have a compact, space-saving design despite their numerous product features. They are also impressively simple to handle. Thanks to their unique echelon form and the offset position of the screw heads, WPD distribution blocks can be conveniently and securely connected in plant equipment or enclosures where there is little space, irrespective of the level selected.

Machinery power distribution

The all-round safe WPD distribution blocks feature a self-extinguishing, halogen-free plastic housing with a V0 flammability rating according to UL 94. WPD distribution blocks also satisfy the touch-safety requirements of EN 50274 and have a short-circuit withstand rating in accordance with the stringent SCCR standard.

The distribution blocks’ user-friendly design and snap-on compatibility with the TS 35 DIN rail in accordance with EN 60715 / EN 50022 make them quick and easy to install, even under difficult conditions.

TS35 DIN rail combatibility

The neatly designed distribution blocks use highly visible marking tags for the clear designation of equipment. They thus ensure order and safety in the control cabinet.

All WPD distribution blocks have a rated voltage of 690 V AC or 1,000 V AC and 600 V DC, 1,000 V DC or 1,500 V DC. The 1,500 V DC variants are especially suitable for photovoltaic systems. The following one to three-pole modules or series are available:

  1. WPD 100 sub-distribution block with a rated current of 100 A.
  2. Phase distribution blocks with a rated current of 101 A: WPD 104 (single-pole), WPD 204 (two-pole) and WPD 304 (three-pole).
  3. Phase distribution blocks with a rated current of 125 A: WPD 105 (single-pole), WPD 205 (two-pole) and WPD 305 (three-pole).
  4. Single-phase phase distribution blocks WPD 106 with a rated current of 160 A, WPD 107 with a rated current of 232 A, WPD 108 with a rated current of 250 A and WPD 109 with a rated current of 353 A.

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