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A Better Shade of Green

Posted on 17 July 2020

      A Simple yet Versatile Dimming-Ballast Solution for Low-Energy Lighting EU-wide legislation promoting use of Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in place of incandescent bulbs could save as much as 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, according to the European Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative (EnERLIn). By Andre Tjokrorahardjo, Applications Engineer, Lighting [...]

A New Mitigation Strategy for Failures in Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Providing protection against catastrophic failures by rendering the capacitor electrically open Metallized film capacitors utilizing polypropylene dielectric have become the component of choice in critical applications because of their low dielectric loss and superior breakdown voltage strength. There are some concerns that in certain applications metallized polypropylene capacitors can fail in a [...]

Right Technologies for Solar Converters

Posted on 17 July 2020

      There are a wide number of topologies used Energy produced from renewable sources is becoming an important contribution to the world’s total energy demand and will increase in the next decades. Solar photovoltaic technology represents one of the promising energy resources due to its low impact on the environment and its high [...]

Pulse-Width Modulated Fan Controllers for Automotive Applications

Posted on 17 July 2020

      PWM controllers for fan motors can also offer many benefits There are two areas inside the motor vehicle which require fans to facilitating cooling. These are the engine compartment, where primarily the engine cooling system needs to be cooled, and the passenger compartment for the HVAC system. By Eric Hustedt, Jim Tompkins, [...]

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Power over Ethernet PSE Design

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Efficient port controller combined with power management can result in power savings Clause 33 of IEEE 802.3 is the standard for delivering power over Ethernet (PoE). As specified in this standard, up to 15.4 Watts can be delivered to a powered device (PD) over all cable types. IEEE 802.3at, a new extension [...]

Blackfin BF50x Processors for Converged Digital Signal and Control Processing

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Breakthrough in Price/Performance Analog Devices’ Blackfin® processors for converged digital signal and control processing applications deliver exceptional processing performance at low price points, enabling system designers to build innovative features into their existing products, create new products, and successfully enter new markets. By Anders Norlin Frederiksen, Industrial Marketing Manager, Analog Devices, Inc. [...]

Maximise Resonant Converter Efficiency in Flat-Panel Displays with Self-Timed Synchronous Rectification

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Switching losses are negligible as the synchronous MOSFETs switch on and off very close to the zero current point Flat-panel LCD displays have rendered CRT-based TVs and computer monitors obsolete, with today’s consumers vying for the largest screen area, best picture quality, and slimmest profile that manufacturers can offer. By Yong Ang, [...]

Interview about Power Supply Technology with Matt McKenzie, President of CUI Inc

Posted on 17 July 2020

      By Bodo Arlt, Editor BPS   Bodo Arlt: How did CUI start and what was the vision? Matt McKenzie: CUI was started by my father, Jim McKenzie, in 1989. It was originally started as a joint venture with a Japanese firm called Stack Electronics. Stack is a manufacturer of high end probes [...]

High Power Dual Pack with High Reliability

Posted on 10 July 2020

      Mechanical design of a converter will become much easier The PrimePACK™ housing could become the new cost-effective standard for 2 in1-packages, which provides many mechanical, thermal and electrical advantages. By Peter Dietrich and Thomas Heinzel, Fuji Electric Europe GmbH and Dr. Masahito Otsuki, Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd.   Until now high [...]