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Interview about High Power Device Technology with Dr. Thomas Neyer, Vice President and Fellow of Fairchild Semiconductor

Posted on 29 June 2020

      By Bodo Arlt, Editor BPS   Bodo Arlt: RCA had been at the leading edge in December 14th 1982 having Hans W. Becke and C. Frank Wheatley receiving the Patent No 4,364,073 the basic of all IGBT patents. RCA became GE Solid State and continued to become Harris and Harris became Intersil [...]

VIP Interview with Manfred Kraxenberger, Bipolar Production Line Manager of ABB Switzerland Ltd., Semiconductors

Posted on 29 June 2020

      by Bodo Arlt editor BPS   Bodo Arlt: Mr. Kraxenberger, please let my readers know about ABB Semiconductors' motivation behind the expansion of their bipolar line in Switzerland and the most important features of the new line. Manfred Kraxenberger: In order to meet the global power markets' increasing demands, ABB made a [...]

Sub-Harmonic Oscillations on Output Voltage Caused by Multiple POL Rails

Posted on 29 June 2020

      It is very common to find server and netcom systems using multiple POL rails. Often, because of the inherent characteristics of the POL control IC and power converter FETs, the system is optimized by operating all the POL rails at a specific switching frequency that represents the optimal trade-off between efficiency and [...]

As Bright as 30 Headlights

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Using optimized sintering processes for direct LED assembly A new combination of Alunit ceramic and innovative liquid cooling makes it possible to create extremely compact power electronics. LED arrays up to 100W/cm² and 45,000lm on an area of 40x40mm² are possible. To cool these packing densities the entire thermal path has been [...]

Cosmic Radiation Kills

Posted on 29 June 2020

      And may be the primary cause of failures in your high voltage MOSFET based designs High voltage power MOSFETs are commonly used in high end power electronics where high switching frequencies are demanded by the application, enabled by the devices’ low switching losses. Hard evidence shows that these MOSFETs, though used well [...]

Features of High-Voltage Thyristors for Snubberless Stacks

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Influence of design and technology features of high-voltage n+-p-n--p thyristors (impurity doping of p-base and p-emitter, carrier life time in layers) on reverse recovery characteristics (reverse recovery time and charge, reverse recovery current form, temperature dependence of the mentioned characteristics). By Anatoly Chernikov, Vitaly Gubarev, Alexander Stavtsev, Alexey Surma, and Igor Vetrov, [...]

Measure DC and AC Currents with a Class Accuracy R (Railway)

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Market regulations require improvements for Railway Energy Billing. European rail freight markets are liberalized (privatization of the rail networks into infrastructure and operators). Since the beginning of January 2010 passenger rail markets have been opened up to cross-border competition. This led to rising demands in terms of cost transparency (exact electricity consumption [...]

A Look into the Future: Savings Potential in Inverter Design

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Cost savings with high-current PCBs and spring contact modules connected in parallel The major manufacturers of frequency inverters in the range of 40kW to 90kW expect average market prices to drop by around 3% each year. To be able to stay competitive, drive and inverter manufacturers are having to optimize their products [...]

Power Semiconductor Module Combines MNPC Topology with SiC Switches

Posted on 20 June 2020

      SiC enable engineers to significantly increase efficiency and switching frequency This article compares and contrasts two types of modules, one with silicon switches and the other with SiC (silicon carbide) switches. Vincotech flowMNPC 0 modules in 12mm flow 0 housings serve the purpose of comparative evaluation. By Kuno Straub, Product Marketing, Vincotech [...]