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The Silicon Carbide JFET in 3 Phase Power Supplies

Posted on 02 July 2020

      A technology step for higher efficiency and lower cost Power supplies in the kW category are used in a huge range of industrial and high reliability applications. Much effort has gone into optimizing the efficiency, reliability and cost of these power supplies, but advances in recent years have been somewhat incremental. To [...]

DC-DC Converter Technologies for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Posted on 02 July 2020

      DC-DC converters employ many different topologies Electric cars outsold those with internal combustion engines (ICE) in the early 1900s but twenty years later, they had all but disappeared. Now, in response to high gas prices and mandated emission and fuel performance standards, they’re coming back. Some of them are manufactured by automakers [...]

Getting the Best Value Smart Meter for Your Money

Posted on 02 July 2020

      Demands on the applications of a smart meter will increase Utilities and governments must think ahead when planning a smart meter rollout – early obsolescence is an expensive error. Customise and build in future-proofing to stay ahead of the game. By Mark England, CEO, Sentec   When selecting a smart meter, design [...]

Silicon Carbide MOSFETs Provide Ultimate Energy Efficiency and Easy Design In

Posted on 02 July 2020

      The SiC MOSFET also has significant advantages including simple drive circuit The silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET has unique capabilities that make it a superior switch when compared to its silicon counterparts. By nature of its material advantages, SiC MOSFETs provide lower switching loss, lower on-resistance across its operating temperature range, and superior [...]

Auxiliary Power Supplies for Medium and High Voltage Applications

Posted on 02 July 2020

      New IGBTs and IGCTs, together with appropriate snubber and freewheeling diodes up to 5.5 kV (6.5 kV respectively), are opening up the possibility of establishing power electronics for the medium voltage level with manageable effort. Tri–level switching topologies and cascaded switching systems are the preferred architectures used here. By Werner Bresch, Managing [...]

Comparing the Incomparable

Posted on 02 July 2020

      Understanding and comparing IGBT module datasheets This might sound somewhat overdone but comparing IGBT modules using datasheets is not as easy at is might appear. A rough comparison can, of course, be made using the component blocking voltage (VCES, e.g. 1200V) and the nominal current (ICnom = 100A, 200A, etc.). On closer [...]

650V Super Junction Device with Rugged Body Diode

Posted on 02 July 2020

      Perfect for hard and soft switching applications With the 650V CoolMOS™ CFD2 technology a benchmark is set for high voltage power MOSFETs with a high performance integrated body diode. The transistor combines a high blocking voltage of 650V with lowest Rdson and low capacitive losses together with an improved body diode ruggedness [...]

Wide Bandwidth PSRR of LDOs

Posted on 30 June 2020

      Analog-to-digital converters or digital-to-analog converters require a clean power supply to operate accurately As the switch-mode regulator is improving its position as a solution with good powerconversion efficiency, the low dropout (LDO) regulator is shifting its focus to high performance rather than conversion efficiency. Because the LDO is not a switch-mode device, [...]

Controlling DC Brush Motors with H-Bridge Driver ICs

Posted on 02 March 2020

      Advanced-design integrated circuits combine control and protection functions; offer upgrade path from legacy designs and selection of control strategies DC brush motors are increasingly required for a broad range of applications including robotics, portable electronics, sporting equipment, appliances, medical devices, automotive applications, power tools and many others. The motor itself is a [...]