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Superior Thermal Stability for Power Modules Achieved by Enhanced Base Plate Design and Optimized Thermal Interface Material

Posted on 04 April 2020

      Power semiconductors need to be thermally connected to a heat sink. Besides the mounting process, the thermal interface materials used as well as base plate design have a combined influence on the thermal transfer. In addition to an initial state, the change of the thermal transfer under dynamic load is observed. Micro-movements [...]

Super Capacitors, the Unknown Capacity Giants

Posted on 03 April 2020

      The unit of capacitance farad (F) has been known only in combination with the prefixes micro, nano, and pico for a long time. Nowadays, however, kilofarads have become possible. How do these new super capacitors work, which base on a principle that was discovered 160 years ago? By Wolf-Dieter Roth, HY-LINE Power [...]

State-of-the-Art Intelligent Power Modules for Appliance Motor Drives

Posted on 02 April 2020

      The latest report into the World Market for Major Home Appliances, by IHS, predicts the industry will spend $3.8 billion on semiconductors by 2017, as new generations of products become more sophisticated and feature-rich. By Alberto Guerra, International Rectifier Corporation The fastest growing sector will be power semiconductors including Intelligent Power Modules [...]

Investigating Effects of Non-Idealities of Current Sensors and Powertrain on the Performance of an EV System

Posted on 01 April 2020

      Drive system applications experience a significant coupling between the controls, electrical and mechanical domains. To fully understand the behavior of the entire electromechanical system, the characteristics of the individual domains and their effects on the overall system must be taken into account. PLECS is a simulation tool developed for drives engineers that [...]

Envelope Tracking for Cellular RF Power Amplifiers

Posted on 31 March 2020

      Mobile device functionality has evolved dramatically over the past decade and continues to expand with applications such as social media, music and video streaming, gaming, cloud storage, and connectivity with other devices. By Juha Pennanen, John Hoversten and Sasa Radovanovic, Texas Instruments The redefined user experience requires high data rates offered by [...]

Flexible Power Based on a Modular Concept

Posted on 27 March 2020

      Ready-to-use inverters from the most varied manufacturers in diverse power classes simplify the realisation of projects because no expensive development of the electronic output stage is required. The user receives a complete and qualified solution, but variability and consideration of specific wishes are often neglected. VARIS™, the new modular inverter system, has [...]