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Unique PFC Controller for Design Challenges of Packaged Air Conditioner

Posted on 06 August 2020

      Air conditioners are an important appliance in almost every residential and commercial building. While both window-type and duct-type air conditioners are common in the market today, duct-type air conditioners are becoming more main stream today due to their ease of installation. By Wen Chien, BLDC Product Line Marketing Manager, Fairchild Semiconductor However, [...]

Decentralized Drive Technology Solution with MPU

Posted on 05 August 2020

      In factory automation, decentralized drive solutions have many benefits over centralized drive solutions. For the latter, the frequency inverter and control unit is mounted inside a control cabinet and it requires multiple cabinets as well as star cabling topology for each drive. By Thomas Mauer, Texas Instruments Decentralized drives have the frequency [...]

Feature-Rich Optocoupler Enables IGBT Driving Scalability

Posted on 04 August 2020

      High scalability of an IGBT driving solution and consistent protection measures are essential requirements for a power converter platform design. The ACPL-339J gate drive optocoupler uses dual outputs to drive a current buffer’s upper and lower MOSFETs separately, thus allowing delicate timing control techniques to be integrated in the optocoupler. This design [...]

2nd Generation Si and SiC SGTOs for Extreme Pulse Power and Sub-Microsecond Switching

Posted on 01 August 2020

      Through a series of ARL Cooperative Agreements, Silicon Power has been able to optimize Silicon and SiC Super GTOs (SGTOs) for extreme pulse power, operating in excess of 10kA/cm2, about a 10-fold higher density than the traditional thyristor. Moreover, SGTO active turn-off also provides the opportunity for supporting recovery voltage times (tq) [...]

Parameters and Characteristics of 1700V Planar NPT+ IGBT with Enhanced Injection for High Power Modules

Posted on 31 July 2020

      Development results of 1700V NPT+ IGBT chips for modules with commutation power from 0,15 up to 4 MW By P. Mashevich and T. Kritskaya, Angstrem JSC; V. Martynenko; V. Muskatinev, A. Bormotov, M. Togaev, Electrovipryamitel JSC Introduction Power modules on the base of IGBT and FRD are currently the most common components [...]

1200V SiC Hybrid IGBT Modules for High Frequency Applications

Posted on 29 July 2020

      Dedicated IGBT-modules for high switching frequency operation have been successfully introduced to the market over the past years. Typical applications are X-ray generators, CT-scanners, induction heating, welding, plasma cutters or inverters for isolated or contactless electrical power conversion. By Eckhard Thal, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Ratingen, Germany The switching frequency in those [...]

Ensure Your System Robustness by Choosing Hard Commutation Rugged Medium Voltage MOSFETs

Posted on 28 July 2020

      Understanding hard commutation event and how to get the best system reliability and performance using Infineon’s new 200V and 250V devices By Alan Huang, Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies AG Today, wide range of energy-critical applications can benefit from trench MOSFETs’ low Figure of Merit (RDS(on) x Qg) because of the MOSFETs’ high [...]