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Bringing Value Back to the Power Equation

Posted on 05 February 2020

      Over the past decade, the power industry has continually been driven by demands for cheaper power supplies. The notion that “power is a necessary evil” is still the underlying sentiment, even in a world that demands greater performance and efficiency from its devices. By Mark Adams, CUI And, while it’s true that [...]

PTC Thermistors for Inrush Current Limiting

Posted on 03 February 2020

      Always on the safe side At high temperatures and currents PTC thermistors offer reliable protection as inrush current limiters (ICLs) in power supplies - even in case of short circuits. NTC thermistors are not always the solution of choice as inrush current limiters (ICLs) in power supplies. In certain cases with especially [...]

Multi-Physical Domain Modeling of a DFIG Wind Turbine System using PLECS® Simulation Software

Posted on 30 January 2020

      Power conversion systems comprise several physical domains including electrical, magnetic, thermal, and often mechanical subsystems. To fully understand the behavior of the overall system prior to construction, and therefore increase likelihood of a successful design, the characteristics of the individual domains and their effects on the power converters must be taken into [...]

SiC Devices are Moving towards Standard Products

Posted on 29 January 2020

      Material defects are reduced and wafer sizes are growing Silicon carbide ( SiC ) has been talked about for a while. Historically, silicon carbide was known for its hardness and used as a grinding material. It’s potential for semiconductor’s has been known since the middle of the last century, but unfortunately large [...]

SCALE™-2 IGBT Gate Drivers Ease the Design of Optimized Renewable Inverter Systems

Posted on 28 January 2020

      The 2SP0325 IGBT gate driver – a member of the SCALE™-2 plug-and-play gate drivers from CONCEPT – allows New Mega Power Dual IGBT modules from Mitsubishi to be driven efficiently in solar and wind power applications. The driver facilitates compact and reliable power converter design thanks to its high level of integration [...]