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Novel fourth generation digital PWM controller eliminates external loop compensation, yet offers inherent stability

Posted on 02 June 2020

      Achieving a stable power supply capable of providing optimum performance over a wide range of operating conditions has always been challenging. The world of power has seen several major shifts in the last two decades as it attempts to deal with this problem. By Chance Dunlap – Senior Marketing Manager, Intersil One [...]

Fast Compensator Design and Optimization for Power Converters based on Graphical Visualization

Posted on 30 May 2020

      Shaping the control-to-output frequency response is a widely used technique for compensator design. The most important factors of the design process are phase margin (PM) and cross-over frequency (fc). Are all combinations of phase margin and cross-over frequency feasible? Can a high cross-over frequency and a phase margin of 45º always be [...]

Rapidly Design, Prototype, and Test your DSP Controller with PSIM and Typhoon HIL

Posted on 28 May 2020

      By Ivan Celanovic and Nikola Celanovic Typhoon HIL Inc., USA; Hua Jin, Powersim, Inc, USA and Simone Castellan, University of Trieste, Italy The growing complexity of power electronics (PE) systems, intensifying competition, rapidly shrinking product development cycles, and exploding test and quality assurance costs are forcing power electronics industry to accelerate the [...]

Hardware-in-the-Loop testing as a Key Element in the Development of High Performance Battery Emulators

Posted on 27 May 2020

      The AVL e-Storage System family is a significant player on the market of dynamic power supplies in automotive industry. To fulfill the growing performance requirements, leading-edge control strategies are introduced in the new generation of AVL products. Hardware-in-the-Loop testing is an important tool for the development team, helping to reduce control algorithm [...]

High Permeability, High Impedance Mn-Zn Ferrite Material for Wide Frequency EMI Applications

Posted on 26 May 2020

      High permeability Mn-Zn ferrite materials are widely used in the field of solving electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, such as the filters of electronic equipments, the line filters of switch power supply and the common mode chokes of commercial power. The impedance of high permeability Mn-Zn ferrite materials plays an extremely important role [...]

Reliable When it’s Hot and Humid

Posted on 26 May 2020

      Power utilities around the world are rolling out smart meters in order to enable automated meter reading and optimized energy management. The X2 capacitors from the EPCOS B3293* heavy duty series of film capacitors are well suited for these meters because they operate reliably over a long service life under extreme environmental [...]

Power Cycling Community 1995-2014

Posted on 23 May 2020

      An overview of test results over the last 20 years Semiconductor lifetime is a key factor for economical and sustainable use of power electronics. To assess the lifetime of power electronic modules, active power cycling tests are a state-of-the-art procedure. This article shows the results of 110 publications from the last 20 [...]

Opening Doors

Posted on 22 May 2020

      An explanation of how to complete a low-cost design and analysis using a single-phase AC induction motors and an 8bit microcontroller in a garage door application By Justin Bauer, Microchip Small AC induction motors, say for opening garage doors, can have speed control and soft start added with little cost using a [...]

Performance Evaluation of Enhancement-Mode GaN Transistors in Class-D and Class-E Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Posted on 16 May 2020

      The popularity of wireless energy transfer has increased over the last few years and in particular for applications targeting portable device charging. In this article, the focus will be on loosely coupled coils, highly-resonant wireless solutions suitable for the A4WP [1] standard operating at either 6.78 MHz or 13.56 MHz unlicensed Industrial, [...]

Record performance with IGCTs, cool!

Posted on 14 May 2020

      The Integrated Gate-Controlled Thyristor (IGCT) is the semiconductor of choice for demanding high-power applications such as pumped hydro, medium voltage drives, marine drives, co-generation, wind power converters, interties and STATCOMs. IGCTs deliver highest power density and reliability and can easily be optimized to feature a low on-state voltage or low switching losses [...]