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LinPak – the new Standard Phase-Leg Module with Exceptional Low Inductance

Posted on 09 March 2020

      One year ago ABB presented the LinPak, a new IGBT module generation that is the enabler for lowest overall stray inductance. In the meantime the LinPak module with a footprint of 100 x 140 mm 2 has established itself as a new standard. The ABB lineup of LinPak modules starts with a [...]

System Solution: “SiC-Inverter for Industrial Motor Drive”

Posted on 07 March 2020

      In many power electronics-based applications such as industrial motor control units, requirements like space, weight and efficiency play an increasing role. Product development and manufacturing expenses should remain low while the design effort should result in more compact systems and, at the same time, product quality and reliability should be guaranteed. By [...]