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A Low-Cost LED Driver Module, 0.5 A/33 V

Posted on 31 March 2020

      For general use, with efficiency above 90% This article describes a simple constant current driver module with fast PWM input that can be used for driving mid and high power LEDs. By Valentin Kulikov, FuturoLighting This module operates from 8V to 33V and the output current can be configured from 0.1 to [...]

More Light with Less Power

Posted on 07 January 2020

      Report from LpS 2014 The LED professional Symposium + Expo 2014 (LpS 2014) took place from September 30th to October 2nd in Bregenz, Austria. 58 multidisciplinary expert talks, 5 hands on workshops and 2 tech-panels were hosted to inform the visitors about all aspects of LED lighting. Close to 100 companies were [...]

LED professional Symposium + Expo 2013

Posted on 07 January 2020

      The Lighting Hub Over 1,100 visitors from 34 countries attended the LED professional Symposium +Expo 2013 in Bregenz, Austria, from September 24th to 26th. Research institutes, lighting organizations and the lighting industry presented their insights on the latest trends in LED and OLED lighting technologies in multiple sessions, workshops and throughout the [...]

Bucking the Trend

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Simplified design of electronic ballasts for HID lamps While offering benefits of efficiency, lifetime and good colour rendering high intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) present designers with the challenge of ballast implementation. Electronic ballasts are smaller, lighter and more efficient than electromagnetic ballasts but, to date, have been more complex to implement. By [...]

How Compact Fluorescent Lamps Work and How to Dim Them

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Dimming function opens up a completely new family of CFL applications Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are replacing incandescent light bulbs at a rapid rate due to their tremendous energy savings and longer lifetime. Additional energy savings can be achieved by dimming but the electronic ballast required to control the lamp has a [...]

A Better Shade of Green

Posted on 17 July 2020

      A Simple yet Versatile Dimming-Ballast Solution for Low-Energy Lighting EU-wide legislation promoting use of Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in place of incandescent bulbs could save as much as 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, according to the European Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative (EnERLIn). By Andre Tjokrorahardjo, Applications Engineer, Lighting [...]

High-Efficiency Converter with PFC for LED Street Lighting at 48 V and 130 W

Posted on 10 July 2020

      The Symbiosis of active and passives IC reference design For an advanced PCB-design, developers want to make the right choice by knowing the application and the specific requirements. Next to the design assistance this is the most important reason for App-Notes issued by the IC makers. In this early stage, IC makers [...]

Streetlighting Requires Large Numbers of LEDs

Posted on 06 July 2020

      System Requirements and Existing Solutions Backlighting with LEDs differs from general purpose lighting in the type of LEDs used. Whereas many general lighting applications use less than 10 LEDs of fairly high power such as 1W each, backlighting tends to use hundreds, possibly thousands of small LEDs running at powers of 50 [...]

Streetlighting Requires Large Numbers of LEDs

Posted on 05 July 2020

      Backlighting grows up to become streetlighting technology The type of LEDs used in backlighting differs from that used for general purpose lighting. Whereas many general lighting applications use less than 10 LEDs of fairly high power - such as 1W each - backlighting tends to use hundreds, possibly thousands of small LEDs [...]

Driving an HID Lamp

Posted on 05 July 2020

      Control Innovations Reveal a Brighter Future Emerging single-chip controllers for electronic ballasts will maximise the potential of HID lamps in the ultra-competitive lighting marketplace. By Tom Ribarich, Director, Lighting Systems, International Rectifier   HID lamps achieve efficacy and lifetime comparable to fluorescent lamps, while also producing high brightness and excellent colour temperature [...]