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Rethinking Power Analysis

Posted on 08 December 2020

      The quest for increased power efficiency permeates every level in the electronics industry, from individual semiconductor components over circuits and modules to entire devices and even complex systems. From a power analysis point of view, every part of this spectrum has different requirements and poses different challenges. To keep up with those [...]

Maintaining Precision in Varying Temperatures

Posted on 02 June 2020

      High precision transducers are becoming more in demand in high-performance industrial applications, specifically for medical equipment such as scanners and MRI machines, precision motor controllers, metering, measurement accessories and test equipment. By Michel Ghilardi, R&D Programme Manager, LEM, and Horst Bezold, Signaltec Most of these applications are using high precision transducers but [...]

Applying Power Circulation Theory to More Accurately Measure Power Loss and Efficiency

Posted on 26 January 2020

      The race is on to push efficiency in power conversion beyond 99%. It is a contest with innovative new topologies running neck-on-neck with standard half-bridge solutions featuring SiC and GaN semiconductors. A wide range of applications requires bidirectional power conversion, and it has to be ultra efficient for everything from solar inverters [...]

Automated Acoustic Inspection for IGBT Modules

Posted on 05 January 2020

      High-power IGBT modules have long needed a non-destructive method to inspect for internal structural defects such as voids, non-bonds, delaminations and cracks. The best time for such inspection is after assembly but before encapsulation, which prevents rework. X-ray won’t find all of these defects, but the ultrasound of acoustic micro imaging systems [...]

The Nichols Chart - the Practical Tool for Design and Test

Posted on 26 November 2020

      Stability of feedback amplifiers and control systems like SMPS are targeted Comprehensive articles and books about feedback loop design and test abound, Bode Plots and Nyquist Diagrams, both highly impractical, are discussed at great length and recommended, while the superior Nichols Chart is hardly ever mentioned. By Dr.- Ing. Artur Seibt The [...]

Three Stability Assessment Methods Every Engineer Should Know About

Posted on 09 July 2020

      Many engineers are familiar with the Bode plot as an effective stability assessment method. However, some authors suggest and even teach that the Bode plot is the only method needed. This article shows why this thinking is short-sighted. A single, low cost instrument that can produce Bode plots, as well as two [...]

Sensor Module Ensures Optimum Battery Utilisation in Heavy-Duty Vehicles, called omniMoves

Posted on 08 July 2020

      Precise battery diagnostics makes maneuvering large, heavy-duty loads easier Isabellenhütte’s shunt-based IVT Modular sensor module measures the basic battery components’ current and voltage with an error rate of less than 0.1 per cent. This exceptional degree of accuracy provides for consistent power control and efficient utilisation, especially for high-capacity battery systems. This [...]

Precise Evaluation of Input, Output, and Reverse Transfer Capacitances of Power Devices

Posted on 30 June 2020

      Increasing importance of capacitance measurement The switching frequency in power conversion circuits is increasing. This is primarily to reduce the size of passive components such as smoothing capacitors and reactors. Accurate characterization of device parameters affecting switching performance become more important as higher switching frequencies increase power circuit switching losses. By Hisao [...]

Next-Generation Current Probes for High-Speed and High Power-Density Applications

Posted on 13 May 2020

      Clip-on Rogowski current probes provide a convenient and accurate means of measuring alternating currents. The latest wideband probes use an innovative shielding technique to eliminate the effects of high electrostatic field strengths in today’s high power-density and high-speed circuits. By Dr Chris Hewson, Power Electronic Measurements Ltd Rogowski Probes: The Current State [...]

Selecting the Best Power Device for Power Electronics Circuit Design through Gate Charge Characterisation

Posted on 12 May 2020

      The improved performance of recent power devices is enabling higher frequency and more compact switching power supply designs. Emerging new devices such as super junction MOSFET or GaN FET are soon expected to replace the traditional devices such as silicon MOSFET or IGBT. Switching power supplies operating in higher frequency from a [...]