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How Proper Applications of Thermally Conductive Materials will Improve Motor Power Density

Posted on 30 July 2020

      Motor designers have battled heat in motor designs for years. Thermal losses in electric machines rob motion systems of power and degrade efficiency. Excess heat can reduce reliability of motors and shorten their lifetimes. Meanwhile, electrification in all transportation sectors is driving requirements for motors with ever-higher power densities. By Anita LaFond, [...]

Unique PFC Controller for Design Challenges of Packaged Air Conditioner

Posted on 06 August 2020

      Air conditioners are an important appliance in almost every residential and commercial building. While both window-type and duct-type air conditioners are common in the market today, duct-type air conditioners are becoming more main stream today due to their ease of installation. By Wen Chien, BLDC Product Line Marketing Manager, Fairchild Semiconductor However, [...]

Decentralized Drive Technology Solution with MPU

Posted on 05 August 2020

      In factory automation, decentralized drive solutions have many benefits over centralized drive solutions. For the latter, the frequency inverter and control unit is mounted inside a control cabinet and it requires multiple cabinets as well as star cabling topology for each drive. By Thomas Mauer, Texas Instruments Decentralized drives have the frequency [...]

eScooter is Gaining Speed

Posted on 10 June 2020

      The life of Swiss postmen in some rural areas may just become a bit easier: In a pilot project they will be equipped with eScooters. Complex power electronics is required to drive the electrically powered two-wheelers and intelligent thermal management ensures reliable operation. This is where HSMtec enters the picture. Author: Johann [...]

Opening Doors

Posted on 22 May 2020

      An explanation of how to complete a low-cost design and analysis using a single-phase AC induction motors and an 8bit microcontroller in a garage door application By Justin Bauer, Microchip Small AC induction motors, say for opening garage doors, can have speed control and soft start added with little cost using a [...]

State-of-the-Art Intelligent Power Modules for Appliance Motor Drives

Posted on 02 April 2020

      The latest report into the World Market for Major Home Appliances, by IHS, predicts the industry will spend $3.8 billion on semiconductors by 2017, as new generations of products become more sophisticated and feature-rich. By Alberto Guerra, International Rectifier Corporation The fastest growing sector will be power semiconductors including Intelligent Power Modules [...]

A System Approach, Comprehensive Motor Solution

Posted on 02 September 2020

      Re-Build Your PMSM/BLDC Designs and Provides Faster Design Time The irreversible trend of moving to high efficiency energy design for motor has been well known and recognized. From high power fan in industry to middle power fan in major home appliance such as range hood fan, or further down to small power [...]

Faster Switching in Inverters

Posted on 04 December 2020

    CeraLink offers many benefits for DC link circuits of inverters for e-mobility. The CeraLink™ capacitors offers many benefits for stabilizing and filtering the DC link circuits of power inverters – particularly in comparison with conventional capacitor technologies. Developers of topologies with new fast-switching IGBT modules will profit from this innovation. By Dr. Günter [...]

Motor Control in Mind

Posted on 02 November 2020

      Completing the toolchain for fast, efficient Motor-Drive Design Field-Oriented Control has become the preferred option for many of the motor drives used in industrial and consumer applications. However, despite an abundance of suitable IP being available to developers, delivering true solutions requires a high degree of support - including intuitive tools to [...]

First Frequency Converter for Compact Drives in Railway Applications

Posted on 02 November 2020

      Introduced at InnoTrans 2012 The compact drive is certified following to the railway standard EN 50155. Railway applications require a much higher quality level and more robustness than other industrial designs, especially in terms of mechanical and temperature shock resistance. The drive with 3 kW is used to drive a fan for [...]