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Energy Measurement and Security for the Smart Grid - Too Long Overlooked

Posted on 04 April 2020

      As smart meter rollouts continue globally, consumers, design engineers, utilities discuss how the smart grid will transform the entire energy industry. Smart meters already allow utilities to save money by accessing meter data without sending someone to physically read the meter. Utilities, factories, and consumers are now pushing for more conservation and [...]

Simplifying Safety Certification for New Appliance Designs

Posted on 24 January 2020

      IEC safety standards for electrical appliances permit system self testing, which can help save the cost of implementing sensors to detect abnormal operation. Software and firmware-based safety functions provided by microcontroller or system-on-chip vendors can further simplify the designer’s task By Alberto Guerra, VP Strategic Marketing Development and Ali Husain, System Design [...]

Repetitive Learning Harmonic Current Control in a Load Emulation System

Posted on 15 August 2020

    In an active energy feedback unit of an electronic load emulation system harmonics in the grid currents are compensated by using a repetitive control algorithm By Michael Hausmann, Dominik Dorner, Dr. Norbert Graß and Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany   Introduction For power electronics development the [...]

More Reliability by High Integration

Posted on 02 August 2020

    The advantages of integrated filter technology Today, power quality (PQ) filters are critical components in modern power conversion applications. PQ filters are used in traditional motor drives and increasingly in renewable energy applications. These applications often need power converters to adjust the power demand and convert different energy sources for use in existing [...]

Intelligent Interleaving: Advanced PFC Controller for High Efficiency AC-DC Power Supplies

Posted on 23 July 2020

      The required external circuitry is reduced from a two-pole filter to a simple resistive divider The FAN9612 Interleaved Dual Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller introduces several innovative, distinguishing functions aimed at maximizing efficiency, reducing external components and offering a robust set of protection features. By Steve Mappus, Systems [...]

New Tool Easily Navigates the Efficiency Standards Landscape

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Platform to use Worldwide Energy-Efficiency Specs and Standards Since discovering that approximately 10% of the electricity generated for residential use is being wasted by devices that are turned off but actually continue consuming power, government agencies have been developing programs to improve the efficiency of Energy-using Products (EuPs). This focus on reduced [...]

An Innovative, Simple, Green PFC Solution

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Reliable, low component count, low-cost solution Switch-mode power supplies are now used in almost all electronic systems due to their good line and load regulation, high conversion efficiency, and compact size. Unfortunately, switching power supplies are nonlinear components and can generate narrow, high amplitude pulses out of phase with the line voltage. [...]

Keeping the Electricity flowing in Southern Africa

Posted on 01 November 2020

      Electrical engineering companies like ABB and General Electric use Bergoz current and charge measuring instruments in their corporate research labs and in field applications, measuring partial discharge in power cables, corona, insulation breakdown and monitoring and locating high voltage power line faults. By David Baddeley, Bergoz Instrumentation   Bergoz Instrumentation, located in [...]

Built-in Reliability into Power Electronic Systems

Posted on 01 August 2020

      Review ECPE Workshop 25 – 26 June 2020 Toulouse, France End of June 65 engineers and scientists came together to discuss progress made in power electronics reliability engineering. The applications focused on automotive, aerospace and railway power electronics. The new “Robustness Validation” process, which has been worked out by members of the [...]

Voltage Drops on Battery Lines, of 3ms – 6 sec, Can Cause Interrupts

Posted on 01 March 2020

      Converters 10W - 500W DC/DC avoid system interruptions Supply line interruptions and voltage drops on battery wiring may lead to unexpected system behaviour in electronic systems. By Willi Spiesz, Grau Elektronik, Karlsbad, Germany   In safety related electronic systems, like brake and door control systems used in trains or busses, system interruptions [...]