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LinPak – the new Standard Phase-Leg Module with Exceptional Low Inductance

Posted on 09 March 2020

      One year ago ABB presented the LinPak, a new IGBT module generation that is the enabler for lowest overall stray inductance. In the meantime the LinPak module with a footprint of 100 x 140 mm 2 has established itself as a new standard. The ABB lineup of LinPak modules starts with a [...]

System Solution: “SiC-Inverter for Industrial Motor Drive”

Posted on 07 March 2020

      In many power electronics-based applications such as industrial motor control units, requirements like space, weight and efficiency play an increasing role. Product development and manufacturing expenses should remain low while the design effort should result in more compact systems and, at the same time, product quality and reliability should be guaranteed. By [...]

6500 V X-Series High Voltage IGBT Modules

Posted on 10 February 2020

      The 6500 V X-Series high current IGBT power module breaches the technological barrier for operating at 150 °C junction temperature by employing the 7th Generation IGBT and Diode chip-sets. This could potentially unlock the possibility of discovering new horizons in inverter design. By Eugen Wiesner and Eugen Stumpf MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B. [...]

SiC MOSFETs Enable High Frequency in High Power Conversion Systems

Posted on 05 February 2020

      Enhancing the performance of traditional IGBT-module-based power assemblies with SiC modules In recent years, 1.2kV and 1.7kV silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs have become a real alternative for power converter designers who currently use IGBTs. To date, the majority of the SiC MOSFET design wins have occurred in power converters in the low [...]

IGCT - A Highly Efficient Device with Continuing Great Success in High Power Applications

Posted on 03 February 2020

      For reliable and efficient operation in high power applications, the Integrated Gate Turn-off Thyristor (IGCT) is the ideal device. The main advantage besides high reliability is the low device losses resulting in low system losses. In this article we compare IGCT and IGBT based 3-level converters with respect to device and system [...]

Advantages of the 1200 V SiC Schottky Diode with MPS Design

Posted on 22 December 2020

      Single- and three-phase inverters in solar, UPS or energy storage applications today demand for high efficiency, compact designs and extended reliability. Inverter implementation in these applications is limited by silicon devices’ high dynamic losses when operated at 1200 V. Alternative designs using 600 V/650 V devices can partially improve efficiency. However, they [...]

Low Loss High-Power Thyristors for Industrial Applications

Posted on 19 November 2020

      Though one of the oldest semiconductor devices ever, the thyristor maintains a significant market share. This is because of its attractive price-performance ratio mainly due to the lowest ON-state losses and the easiest processing from existing gated switches. ABB has developed a new range of thyristors offering very low ON-state voltage drop, [...]

More Power by IGBT5 with .XT

Posted on 22 July 2020

      Enhanced power module performance with respect to the overall losses is an essential requirement to fulfill the continuous demand for inverters with higher power densities. The superior performance of the PrimePACK™ power module with the new generation 1700V IGBT5 and associated emitter controlled diode developed by Infineon Technologies AG addresses these application [...]

DC-DC Voltage Regulation: Complete Solution Targeting PoL Market

Posted on 22 July 2020

      The requirement for ever increasing density and power efficiency is leading the DC to DC product application to new grounds. Infineon Technologies together with International Rectifier has focused on increasing density and efficiency in this regard with its latest Multiphase Digital Controller products the PXP1000 series for Point of Load (PoL) applications, [...]

DC-Link Capacitor Technology Comparison

Posted on 20 May 2020

      Aluminum Electrolytic vs. Film Capacitors By Dr. Arne Albertsen, Jianghai Europe Electronic Components GmbH Introduction The progress in semiconductor design sets the trend in current and future devices of power electronics: it manifests itself particularly in smaller dimensions, as well as in higher voltages and switching frequencies. Referring to intermediate circuit capacitors, [...]