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Power Supply in Inductor

Posted on 06 February 2020

      Inductor and packaging to optimize the POL Point of load regulators (POL) are very widely used in distributed power systems to deliver the final voltage required by the load, particularly for high performance ICs and ASICs. In most cases, these POLs utilize the Buck Converter switching topology to achieve high density and [...]

Increasing Power Density in DC-DC Converters with Power Block Duals

Posted on 10 November 2020

      Following the successful introduction of the “industry-standard” family of power block PQFN 5x6mm dual MOSFETs, International Rectifier has recently introduced two new packages targeted at increasing the power density in non-isolated dc-dc converter applications. The PQFN 6x6mm package with exposed top enables additional heat transfer out of the package leading to increased [...]

Specialized DC/DC Converters Enable Simple and Efficient Switching in IGBT Applications

Posted on 05 November 2020

      Modular DC/DC converters with dual asymmetric outputs provide the positive and negative voltages as well as the galvanic isolation necessary for IGBT applications. By Matthew Dauterive, Field Application Engineer; RECOM Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, Gmunden, Austria As renewable energy takes center stage, efficiently harvesting this energy becomes increasingly critical. One main [...]

Using Bidirectional Power Supply to Modulate Voltage on the Output

Posted on 26 September 2020

      Special technical requirements for switch mode power supplies are pushing to the limits of their performance, requiring a well optimized topology like the latest telecom RF power amplifiers, are well optimized. By Milan Marjanovic and Roberto Scibilia, Texas Instruments The key to increasing efficiency is envelope tracking or, “envelope of envelope tracking”, [...]

High Speed, Two Quadrant DC/DC Power Supply

Posted on 30 August 2020

       The main function and benefit of synchronous rectification To enable a converter that modulates output voltage and that generates voltage according to some predefined wave form, whilst keeping the efficiency high, is only possible using a high speed two quadrant DC/DC power supply. By Milan Marjanovic, Texas Instruments   A two quadrant [...]

The Half-Bridge Circuit Revealed

Posted on 30 August 2020

       Confirm zero-voltage switching during all operating conditions The half-bridge or ‘totem-pole’ configuration is one of the most common switch circuit topologies used in power electronics today. It is used in various applications such as synchronous buck converters, resonant converters, electronic ballasts, induction heating and motion control, and offers such benefits as four-quadrant [...]

Flyback Converter and Snubber Design

Posted on 13 August 2020

      Every application has its special needs The Flyback topology is very common for DC/DC converters. Their advantages are the simple design and the low component cost. The function principle is simple. Only a few components are needed. The following article gives some practical ideas to design a Flyback converter. By Ralf Negele, [...]

Negative Input Resistance and RMS Input Currents

Posted on 02 August 2020

      The often unrecognized plagues of dc/dc converters Many SMPS designers and users of modules will have been puzzled by mysterious wild oscillations and bewildered by their resistance to changes in the regulation loop. DC/DC converters suffer from negative input resistance which can cause wild oscillations and overstressing of components, especially in conjunction [...]

Efficient Pulse Frequency Modulation Mode for 6MHz Step Down Converter

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Modern cell phones tend to embed more and more functionalities while solution size is shrinking, driving innovation both towards smaller size and efficiency improvement. Texas Instruments’ new step down converter, TPS62620 is addressing size and efficiency issues by operating at 6MHz in PWM mode, allowing use of very small external components, and [...]

System Stability – Intelligence can be Outside the Processor

Posted on 06 July 2020

      Buck Boost DC-to-DC converters that can dynamically limit the inrush current Portable applications are in constant change. Innovation must be the designer’s motto if they want to be successful in this market. Whether adding new features to re-boost existing devices or developing new projects all together, the consumer electronics industry is in [...]