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IGCT - A Highly Efficient Device with Continuing Great Success in High Power Applications

Posted on 03 February 2020

      For reliable and efficient operation in high power applications, the Integrated Gate Turn-off Thyristor (IGCT) is the ideal device. The main advantage besides high reliability is the low device losses resulting in low system losses. In this article we compare IGCT and IGBT based 3-level converters with respect to device and system [...]

Using “Normally on” JFETs in Power Systems

Posted on 17 April 2020

      A “normally on” device can get short shrift at times due to the negative turn off voltage requirement. Supply Voltage sequencing and single point failures tend to make designers skittish, and thus bypassing the die size/resistivity advantages of “normally on” devices, and the capacitive advantages that go along with using devices with [...]

2nd Generation Si and SiC SGTOs for Extreme Pulse Power and Sub-Microsecond Switching

Posted on 01 August 2020

      Through a series of ARL Cooperative Agreements, Silicon Power has been able to optimize Silicon and SiC Super GTOs (SGTOs) for extreme pulse power, operating in excess of 10kA/cm2, about a 10-fold higher density than the traditional thyristor. Moreover, SGTO active turn-off also provides the opportunity for supporting recovery voltage times (tq) [...]

Record performance with IGCTs, cool!

Posted on 14 May 2020

      The Integrated Gate-Controlled Thyristor (IGCT) is the semiconductor of choice for demanding high-power applications such as pumped hydro, medium voltage drives, marine drives, co-generation, wind power converters, interties and STATCOMs. IGCTs deliver highest power density and reliability and can easily be optimized to feature a low on-state voltage or low switching losses [...]

Medium-Voltage High-Speed Switches with IGBT Power Semiconductors

Posted on 04 December 2020

      Solid-state semiconductor circuit-breakers have been used successfully for years in low voltage applications in the form of solid-state relays or, in the higher power range, using larger discrete power semiconductors. Since they work without any mechanical switching contacts, there is no mechanical wear and no need for any maintenance with this type [...]

The Bi-mode Insulated Gate Transistor (BIGT)

Posted on 23 July 2020

       A High Voltage Switch for Next Generation Megawatt Applications An advanced high voltage reverse conducting IGBT concept referred to as the Bi-mode Insulated Gate Transistor (BIGT) is currently being developed. The BIGT can operate at the same current densities in both IGBT and diode modes by utilizing the same available silicon volume [...]

Six Inch Thyristors for UHVDC Transmission

Posted on 06 July 2020

      The making of the largest thyristor around. The most powerful converter available has recently been erected in China. To realise the required rating of 6.4 GW for an UHVDC (Ultra High Voltage Direct Current) transmission, a new thyristor, that can operate the high DC-current of 4 kA at the highest possible blocking [...]

Original or Fake

Posted on 05 July 2020

      Allocation the root of all evil Recently, the number of incidents where users submit complaints to the manufacturer about power semiconductor failures is steadily increasing. Failure analyses show that these power semiconductors are counterfeits or rejects originally intended for scrapping. How can you protect yourself from such counterfeits and what is the [...]

Bringing GaN on Si Based Power Devices to Market

Posted on 03 July 2020

      The Status of the GaNpowIR™ platform at International Rectifier The availability of new power electronics based on commercially viable wide band gap semiconductors such as GaN on silicon power devices fabricated in silicon foundries, provides the required performance to cost value proposition to enable lower economic barrier to adoption for energy efficient [...]

A 10kV HPT IGCT with Improved Switching Capability

Posted on 03 July 2020

      Developing a new platform for high voltage switching A major issue for the 10 kV IGCT has been the limited turn-off capability. By introducing the new HPT technology a 10 kV IGCT is in development that has a switching capability comparable with the capability of former IGCTs with half the voltage rating. [...]