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Ensuring System Efficiency

Posted on 29 April 2020

      Four Key Features to look for in a GaN-Ready Magnetics Supplier The dramatic rise in the popularity of Galium Nitride (GaN) switching technology is due to the very significant benefits it provides. Highly efficient GaN devices offer high dielectric strength, high operating temperatures, high current density, high-speed switching and exceptional carrier mobility. [...]

High Permeability, High Impedance Mn-Zn Ferrite Material for Wide Frequency EMI Applications

Posted on 26 May 2020

      High permeability Mn-Zn ferrite materials are widely used in the field of solving electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, such as the filters of electronic equipments, the line filters of switch power supply and the common mode chokes of commercial power. The impedance of high permeability Mn-Zn ferrite materials plays an extremely important role [...]

MnZn Ferrites with High Saturation Flux Density for High Frequency Transformers and Inductors

Posted on 02 May 2020

      MnZn ferrites are widely used in high frequency transformers and inductors. Requirements for ferrite cores used in the electronic components include soft magnetism, easy magnetization with a small external magnetic field, and low loss. By Chong Yan, Yang-zhong Du, Su-ping Wang, Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetic Limited Company, Dongyang 322118, China Soft magnetic [...]

Increasing the Efficiency of Power Factor Correction (PFC) Boost Inductors

Posted on 26 September 2020

      Switching to litz wire, reducing the turns, and reducing the gap size have significant impact For the past few decades, power supply efficiency has increased steadily. The materials improvements in semiconductor and magnetics materials have reduced their respective losses. As Energy Star and similar standards have gained acceptance, they’ve spurred the improvement [...]

AIC Series improves in efficiency and design the competitor’s high energy storage chokes

Posted on 23 July 2020

      Standard solutions used in power applications to convert DC waveforms to AC waveforms are known as inverters. These products are used in Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS); in frequency converters that convert the alternating current (AC) in direct current (DC), to modulate it afterwards in a variable frequency; in inverters used to generate [...]

Real Time Parameter Determination in Saturated Inductors Submitted to Non-Sinusoidal Excitations.

Posted on 17 July 2020

      The method allows the determination of parameters in saturated systems, and the algorithm is adapted to saturation level. Parameter’s determination on saturated systems is a complex task. Sometimes you can determine these parameters by calculation but building errors must be checked to verify the final values of them. You can use accurate [...]

Critical Elements to Magnetic Components

Posted on 06 July 2020

      The Area of High Voltage/High Reliability Environments In the high reliability environments of today’s control systems there are four major concerns with magnetic devices: Efficiency, Thermal Rise, System Performance, and Insulation Requirements. All four of these seemingly different requirements are intertwined and have a dramatic effect on each other. By: Dr. Kevin [...]

High Efficiency PFC Choke

Posted on 30 June 2020

    Designed for PFC chipset application Did you realize that an electric car is a net plugged “apparatus” as per the description of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. To the eyes of the electric network the car is no different than a Washing Machine or a Plasma TV set. Charging your car battery will require [...]

Higher Performance for Neodymium Magnets

Posted on 29 June 2020

      High-Anisotropy field Layer (HAL) production process A new method for producing neodymium magnets that takes dysprosium-saving to the extreme. Since they were commercialized in 1983, neodymium magnets (sintered neodymium-iron-boron magnet, TDK product name: NEOREC) have maintained their position as the most powerful type of magnet known to industry. Ba Takahiro Minakuchi, TDK [...]

Advanced Ferrite Material for Photovoltaic Systems

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Nearly loss-less Low-loss and high saturation flux density core materials in reactors and transformers are a key determining factor for the efficiency of inverters. The new TDK PE90 ferrite is a cutting-edge material that minimizes reactor losses in the step-up chopper and smoothing circuits of inverters for photovoltaic systems, thus enabling decisive [...]