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SiC MOSFETs Enable High Frequency in High Power Conversion Systems

Posted on 05 February 2020

      Enhancing the performance of traditional IGBT-module-based power assemblies with SiC modules In recent years, 1.2kV and 1.7kV silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs have become a real alternative for power converter designers who currently use IGBTs. To date, the majority of the SiC MOSFET design wins have occurred in power converters in the low [...]

Ensure Your System Robustness by Choosing Hard Commutation Rugged Medium Voltage MOSFETs

Posted on 28 July 2020

      Understanding hard commutation event and how to get the best system reliability and performance using Infineon’s new 200V and 250V devices By Alan Huang, Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies AG Today, wide range of energy-critical applications can benefit from trench MOSFETs’ low Figure of Merit (RDS(on) x Qg) because of the MOSFETs’ high [...]

Systems Approach to Server Power Supplies

Posted on 05 March 2020

      Supported by New Synchronous MOSFET Driver Family In an effort to provide better solutions to its customers in the server arena, Infineon Technologies has enlarged its focus from pure MOSFET technology and product to system solutions. This means that Infineon supplies not only the MOSFET for the power converter but also the [...]

Optimising Water, Oil and Fuel Pumps with ANL2 Power MOSFET Technology

Posted on 25 November 2020

      Electric motors are increasingly being used in today's cars to pump water, oil and fuel. The most efficient solution is brushless direct current (BLDC) motors combined with high-performance power MOSFETs. By Abdullah Cam, Senior Engineer, Analog & Power Marketing, Automotive Business Group, Renesas Electronics Europe The block diagram in Figure 1 shows [...]

Extending the MOSFET Gate Drive Conductors

Posted on 06 November 2020

      Using a Dual Stripline PCB Layout Configuration In many applications there will be a need to place one or more rails in a Power XR application at some distance from the controller. This article will introduce and examine from both a theoretical and practical standpoint a layout design technique that will allow [...]

SiC MOSFETs Improve PV and UPS Inverters and Industrial Power Supplies

Posted on 05 November 2020

      Since the release of the first generation of SiC MOSFETs in 2011, these wide bandgap power devices have taken a major step forward in the commercial market place, including the introduction of a second generation MOSFET product family. This new generation device’s improved performance, as well as the fact that there are [...]

Optimising Power Design Through MOSFET Efficiency and Integration

Posted on 07 August 2020

      Choosing advanced MOSFET technologies for enhanced efficiency through improved performance of intrinsic Diode MOSFETs and fast recovery diodes are fundamental elements of power switching applications ranging from photovoltaic inverters to HID lamp ballasts and power supplies for telecoms and servers. Designers of these applications are under pressure to continually improve performance at [...]

Comparison between HiPerFET™ MOSFETs and Super Junction MOSFETs

Posted on 27 May 2020

      With the introduction of P3-series HiPerFET™ power MOSFETs, IXYS sets a milestone in HiPerFET™ technology, provides one of the best solutions in power MOSFETs for medium to high frequency designs. These devices have an optimum combination of low on-resistance (RDS(on)), low gate charge (QG), a fast intrinsic diode for low reverse-recovery (Qrr) [...]

High-Voltage 600V/650V Class Super Junction PowerMOSFET

Posted on 30 April 2020

      Benchmark for the lowest drain-source resistances and fast switching speeds An ideal choice for applications requiring highest energy efficiency in motor control, renewable energies, powers supplies and other fields By Steffen Hering, ICBG, A&P Product Management, Renesas Electronics Europe Introduction The increasing demands on efficiency of power electronics necessitate continual search for [...]

A Formula for Higher Power Density: Inside the Power Clip 33 Dual MOSFET

Posted on 04 April 2020

      Several things, including the choice of silicon, IC placement, and power loop configuration led to the development of a dual power MOSET that delivers significantly higher power density in a smaller footprint. By SG Yoon and Arthur Black, Fairchild Semiconductor In power supplies, finding a way to increase power density - that [...]