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Feature-Rich Optocoupler Enables IGBT Driving Scalability

Posted on 04 August 2020

      High scalability of an IGBT driving solution and consistent protection measures are essential requirements for a power converter platform design. The ACPL-339J gate drive optocoupler uses dual outputs to drive a current buffer’s upper and lower MOSFETs separately, thus allowing delicate timing control techniques to be integrated in the optocoupler. This design [...]

Using Optical Isolation Amplifiers in Power Inverters for Voltage, Current and Temperature Sensing

Posted on 25 November 2020

      Many industrial equipments and home appliances employ power inverters to perform their designed functions. In the inverter operating control loop, key feedback information on current, bus current and voltage are required to achieve smooth control. To protect the key devices in the inverter such as the IGBTs, temperature sensing is often required [...]

Fiber Optics in Solar Energy Applications

Posted on 23 July 2020

      They offer insulation protection from high-voltage/current glitches Solar energy has recently become a popular alternative source to meet energy demands around the world due to the fluctuation of oil/coal prices and global warming issues. Oil is a limited and diminishing resource, and because of this, the price surges when demand is high. [...]

Power Efficiency within Solid Isolation and Insulation Barrier

Posted on 17 July 2020

      Reduction in power requirements without compromising on noise isolation and high voltage insulation Optocouplers are needed to provide high voltage insulation against transient voltage surges and to reject common mode transient noise from interfering with the input signals. Avago’s next-generation optocouplers, ACPL-1L/061L/064L/W61L/K64L(ACPL-x6xL) offer a significant reduction in power requirements without compromising on [...]

Wideband High Temperature Optocoupler

Posted on 10 July 2020

      Serving isolated AC/DC and DC/DC converters in HEV and PHEV Isolated AC/DC and DC/DC converters for onboard charger and power supply in HEV and PHEV require careful examination of popular phototransistor optocouplers as error amplifier feedback. Various performance challenges surface to meet high temperature environment up to 125°C, long operating life time [...]

Optical Isolation Amplifiers and Gate Driver Optocouplers

Posted on 05 July 2020

      Both help improve efficiency and protect micro-inverters in PV solar applications In 2009, the residential solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter market represented 90 percent of the total PV inverter worldwide market based on the number of units shipped. Growing at an annual average rate of 26 percent, the number of residential inverters sold [...]

Pulsed Over-Current Driving of LEDs

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Exploring the needs of three types of over-current conditions Certain product requirements, like emergency vehicle lighting, specialized stroboscopic illumination or pulsed modulation for general-illumination dimming, call for an LED operation above the maximum data-sheet rating. Multiple variables affect both initial and long-term performance and reliability on an LED. These include thermal resistance, [...]

Highly Reliable Optocouplers

Posted on 01 October 2020

      High Temperature Automotive Applications The needs for new isolation devices for automotive applications are rapidly expanding, most notable with the adoption of hybrid vehicle technologies. By Patrick Sullivan, Leong Yik Loong, Andy Poh from Avago Technologies   Although Avago´s automotive optocouplers are quite a new market addition, in reality Avago´s optocouplers have [...]

Optimizing the Selection of Optocouplers

Posted on 01 October 2020

      Surface Mount Devices in DC/DC Converter Designs Optimized design with the latest generation of SSOP-packaged optocouplers takes into account four important parameters like the package height, breakdown voltage, operating temperature and isolation voltage. By Krish Ramdass, Everlight Electronics Co.Ltd   The driving force towards increased miniaturization to accommodate more compact end products [...]

High-Linearity Analog Optocouplers

Posted on 01 December 2020

      Extend Working Insulation Voltage to 1.4 kV High linearity analog optocouplers provide the versatility required to meet a wide range of analog isolation needs. For designers of high voltage applications, high linearity analog optocouplers can reliably send analog signals across very high voltage area and low voltage area without distortion. By Chen [...]