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Angle Sensor Devices in On-Axis and Off-Axis Applications

Posted on 10 March 2020

      This article provides a basic under- standing of how Allegro’s precision Circular Vertical Hall based angle sensor integrated circuits are used in on-axis and off-axis applications. Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Hall based angle position sensor ICs are increasingly preferred over other Hall and non-Hall based sensor solutions for position monitoring applications. They are [...]

Pushing Hall Effect Technology to New Limits

Posted on 06 November 2020

      Transducers break new ground in accuracy over a wide temperature range Reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency are key targets for most power electronics applications, especially in motor control drives, in uninterruptible and switch-mode power supplies or for industrial uses such as welding. Outside the industrial sphere, the same goals can be [...]

Isolated Voltage Sensor Expands Input Range by 10 Times

Posted on 02 July 2020

      First generation optical isolation amplifiers have an input range of ±200 mV. This is ideal for current sensing, but input dynamic range should be wider for high-voltage sensing applications. The new ACPL-C87x input voltage range of 2 V is 10 times wider than previous generation isolation amplifiers. With a 1 GΩ input [...]

High Bandwidth Magnetoresistive Current Sensors Open up New Possibilities in Power Electronics

Posted on 02 July 2020

      The trend to higher switching speeds in order to increase the power density of power electronics is leading to increased demand for high bandwidth current sensors. At the same time there is growing demand for current sensors with low power losses and high insulation strength to satisfy the needs for high efficiency [...]

A Micro-Packaged Linear Current Sensor IC

Posted on 04 April 2020

      Primary conductor resistance of only 0.6 mΩ reduces power dissipation The linear current sensor IC, the ACS711, is housed in a 0.75 mm thick low profile package measuring only 3 mm × 3 mm! It is designed for low-side and less than 100 V sensing applications requiring 5A to 30 A continuous [...]

Iso-Amp Fits Compact Motor Drives

Posted on 23 July 2020

      A big challenge is the sensing of motor phase current The industrial compact motor drives market has grown faster than the market for other types of drives because these drives can fit easily in a narrow and compact case to provide higher power density, and the type of small components that are [...]

Highly Miniaturized Piezoactor Drive

Posted on 23 July 2020

      Capacitive loads require customized drive circuits Piezoelectric actuators have found their way into series production. The generation of their driving energy is a new task for power electronics By Thomas Baumann and Dr. Eckart Hoene, Fraunhofer-Institut IZM   One key feature of piezoelectric actuators is their potential for miniaturization. Besides the known [...]

Low Consumption Flux-Gate Transducer

Posted on 23 July 2020

      Both AC and DC High-Current Measurement is achieved This article presents the design and implementation of a transducer system for the measurement of AC and DC high-current using the flux compensation technique in the measurement transformer, also called Flux-gate technology. The system can measure currents greater than 700 A (peak value) with [...]

A New Class of Rogowski Coil Split-Core Current Transducers

Posted on 10 July 2020

      To guarantee stability in time and temperature, the RT series coil is moulded integrally into a PU resin The monitoring of electric power consumption has become a key element for managing electrical installations in industrial and commercial sectors, such as manufacturing facilities, data centres, food processing industries, retail outlets, hospitals or educational [...]

Optimising Modern Solar Installations

Posted on 01 August 2020

       The inverter uses the current transducers In addition to the incentives and pressures brought by political initiatives such as the Kyoto protocol, the increasing costs of many forms of energy and the search for ‘cleaner’ sources of power are boosting interest in alternative energy such as solar. By Stéphane Rollier, LEM   [...]