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Low Loss High-Power Thyristors for Industrial Applications

Posted on 19 November 2020

      Though one of the oldest semiconductor devices ever, the thyristor maintains a significant market share. This is because of its attractive price-performance ratio mainly due to the lowest ON-state losses and the easiest processing from existing gated switches. ABB has developed a new range of thyristors offering very low ON-state voltage drop, [...]

Quality Improvement of Reverse Recovery Characteristics

Posted on 06 November 2020

      Measurement of High Voltage Thyristors for Series Connection Application Nowadays high voltage thyristor stacks based on series connected assemblies are widely used in soft starters for high power motors and high voltage controlled rectifiers in industrial applications and transportation, in HVDC line converter units for the electric power industry. Thyristors in such [...]

IGCTs: Benchmark Performance with Developments on Many Fronts

Posted on 07 August 2020

      The Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor (IGCT) was introduced about 15 years ago and has established itself as a preferred solution for a number of high power electronics applications. These applications have in common that the rated power level is in the megawatts (MW) and they range from industrial drives and track-side supplies to [...]

Innovations in Technology Brings the Thyristor into the 21st Century

Posted on 30 April 2020

      The latest market research reports show an expected annual growth rate of 10 to 12 % for power modules in general. For today’s more recent fashion - the IGBT module, growth is well understood but a more unlikely candidate for a major factor of this growth will be from the often overlooked [...]

Thyristors for High Power Applications

Posted on 04 April 2020

      Modern power electronics industry is developing in a lot of directions. Despite the rapid development of fully controlled power semiconductor switches (IGBT, IGCT) usage of high power thyristors with extra load power in many applications is still technically legitimate. By A.A. Pisarev, A.A. Chernikov, A.V. Stavtsev, A.M. Surma, Proton Electrotex Recently interest [...]

Technology of Precise Adjusting of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of High Voltage Thyristors

Posted on 24 January 2020

      Due to capacity growth of inverter units in power semiconductor electronics high voltage and high current thyristors adapted for usage in series and parallel connection are in great demand nowadays. Thyristors designed for parallel assemblies must have high adequacy of volt-amps diagramm in on-state, thyristor designed for usage in series connection assemblies [...]

Reliability of Thyristor Technology

Posted on 29 June 2020

      One of the inherent advantages of power semiconductors is increased reliability. Since the introduction of silicon technology in the 1960s, applications have grown from consumer products to heavy industrial products and, more recently, to demanding traction, aerospace and military applications. The reason for the wide acceptance of thyristor technology in expanded applications [...]

Novel Light Triggered Thyristors for Phase Control and Pulsed Power Applications

Posted on 18 June 2020

      This article presents investigation results obtained by development and application of high-voltage Light Triggered Thyristors (LTTs) with integrated in silicon p-n-p-n structure self-protection elements from breakdown by critical operation conditions. By A.V.Grishanin, V.A.Martynenko, A.A.Khapugin, S.A. Tundykov and S.A. Safronenkov, JSC Electrovipryamitel, Saransk, Russia and A.V.Konuchov, All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute, Moscow, Russia   Development [...]

Power Factor Correction

Posted on 01 December 2020

      Dynamic progress A change in technology is taking place in power factor correction. Static PFC systems are being progressively replaced by dynamic systems that offer new technical advantages and economic benefits. By Rudolf Müller, Dipl.-Ing., Product Manager, PFC Power Capacitors, EPCOS.   Conventional power factor correction systems consist of a power factor [...]

Pulsed Power Applications

Posted on 01 June 2020

       Direct Light Triggered Thyristors Direct Light-Triggered Thyristors (LTT) developed by Infineon were designed to withstand the stress of High-Voltage Direct-Current transmission (HVDC) applications. In this kind of application, several LTTs are switched in series connection to ensure a blocking capability for 500 kV DC. By J. Przybilla and U. Kellner, Werdehausen, Infineon [...]