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Energy Harvesting Systems Power the Powerless

Posted on 29 June 2020

      Energy harvesting solutions allow electronics to operate where there is no conventional power source and without the need to run wires or make frequent visits to replace batteries. This article provides an overview of energy harvesting applications and their benefits, how they work, and the challenges that designers must address to implement [...]

New Record for Micromachined Energy Harvesters

Posted on 01 February 2020

      In the future, we will be surrounded by miniaturized autonomous wireless sensor nodes, integrated into our environment and measuring parameters in buildings, on our body, on machines. Today, these sensor systems still rely on batteries which hinder their downsizing and autonomy. By Els Parton and Rob van Schaijk, IMEC   For some [...]

Technology for Wind Turbine Inverter with Increased Reliability

Posted on 01 January 2020

      The continuously increasing part of renewable energy in the generation of electricity requires a huge quantity of power semiconductors. Among the most cost effective renewable energy sources are the wind power plants. Frequency converters constitute an important part and facilitate the grid compliant power supply. Power semiconductors meet the requirements of this [...]

Brain Cells: Intelligent Efficiency for Solar Systems

Posted on 01 January 2020

      Adding a little intelligence to solar power can increase the efficiency, and the lifetime Techniques for a modular battery system for solar applications range from the simple use of a rectifier diode, to the brute-force approach of using Maximum Power-Point (MPP) converters. Whilst both techniques can achieve the objective of storing power [...]