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Flexible Development of Energy Harvesting Wireless Solutions

Posted on 30 April 2020

      Compared to wired systems, wireless offers far greater flexibility and convenience in home and building automation, as well as in industrial installations. In particular, batteryless energy harvesting wireless technology scores with no maintenance and a sustainable power supply. That’s an important reason for manufacturers (OEMs) and developers to consider this green technology [...]

Advances in Power Devices Driving Class-D Amplifier Progress

Posted on 25 February 2020

      The success of class-D audio amplifiers in important home, in-car and portable markets has brought new opportunities for engineers to explore new design avenues and so differentiate their products from those of competitors. Class-AB amplifier design, on the other hand, now offers few such opportunities and brings size, weight and power penalties [...]

Dual High Side Switches in Smart Power Technology

Posted on 03 July 2020

      Integrated solution for two output channels simplifies design and enhances reliability The device, the VNI2140J, integrates on-chip two 45V Power MOSFETs channels (80mOhm typical Rds(on) at 25 degrees Celsius) together with logic, driver, protection, and diagnostic. The VNI2140J is housed in the tiny Jedec standard PSSO-12 lead power package. By Giuseppe Di [...]

Transfer Mold IPMs

Posted on 01 June 2020

      50A and 75A/600V devices with heat dissipating insulation sheet This article presents a large-scale Dual In-line Package Intelligent Power Module (DIP-IPM Ver.4 series) with ratings of 50A and 75A/600V developed by Mitsubishi Electric for home appliances and package air conditioner. 75A/600V large-scale DIP-IPM Ver.4 has been achieved by development of 5th generation [...]

Intelligent Power Switch

Posted on 01 June 2020

       Applications are the proximity detectors and industrial automation In the fields of factory automation and process control several output devices are used to drive different types of actuators. Depending on the market and application, the output drivers can be configured in high-side configuration (load to ground) or in low-side configuration (load to [...]